7 Reasons why true love is selfless

Love is a deep emotion. Some think it is about caring for someone, some think it is pure obsession about someone, some think its selfish and you must get everything what you want from the person. But the truth is that, true love is the most selfless emotion of all. In true love, you don’t expect anything, you don’t want anything, you are free of all kinds of obsession, and you just want the person to be happy with their life. True love is indeed selfless and doesn’t demand anything from the person you love. 

Let’s see a few reasons why true love is selfless.

1) True love doesn’t demand

A person, who keeps demanding things from you on the pretext of love, is basically somebody who doesn’t love you as much as they claim. True love doesn’t demand for things, they might expect a bit, but they won’t force you to do something for them, or demand something endlessly.

2) True love doesn’t have high expectations

If somebody is constantly hurt by you not meeting their expectations, than probably you are not the one from them. If the love is true, the person won’t have such high expectations from their partner and will accept whatever they have provided to them. They might feel bad about it but won’t make a huge story about it.

3) Happiness of the person is all you want

When the love is true and real, you want the person to be happy always. It could be that the person is happy with someone else. This might cross a dagger through your heart but you will still relish that pain, because the person you love is so happy in their life. You find your entire world in the smile of the person that you love.

4) True love feels the most pain

Pain is something you feel the most when the love you have for someone is real and genuine. True love hurts the most. It pains your senses and your heart to the extent that you feel like dying. Quotes like “I can’t help but love you.” Or “I love you so much, it hurts.” Make sense to people who are in true love with someone. They feel pleasure in the pain that they receive by loving you. They are addicted to the pain.

5) Love is not forced upon someone

Some people cross all lines of obsession and possessiveness by terming it as love. What they don’t understand is that true love doesn’t shackle up someone, but empowers and enriches people and their hearts. It makes people love themselves and their lives and not regret being with you and choosing you as their partner.

6) When your love is true you let go

True love is never binding. If your love is true, you will let the person go on their own path. You will let them pursue their career, their wishes, their dreams, and their prospective partner. You love them too much to be an obstacle in their life. You let go the person, at the cost of your own happiness. That is what true love is.

7) True love doesn’t force you to change

True love never forces their lover to change. They won’t find faults in your appearance, your behavior as you both get closer in the relationship. True love accepts the person as they, for what they are and their dreams, ambitions and happiness together. True love means adjustment, means being happy to sacrifice something for your love.

True love is hard to find these days. So if you have true love around you, treasure it and never let it go. Let them be around you forever and forever; because they are worth it more than anyone else.

Have you ever loved someone truly and let them go? Tell us your story in the comments section.