Erasing yourself from somebody’s life

Anybody can walk out the door and well, no, not everyone can do it. But yes, its easier then erasing that person from your life because when you leave, you don’t usually think as you just want to escape, be it an abuse situation between spouses, drug or alcohol situation, etc. Its because you still are tied to that person and probably still love him/her. You don’t want to be without that person and until you walk out that door and close that door behind you and don’t come back because it’s the same thing over and over again, that person will still have a hold over you till you yourself do something about it, get help yourself first and then see what happens. Yes, insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results they say, and nothing changes till you change. ~ Lenore Bruner

You just stop seeing that person under the circumstances that well, you don’t actually have to. You remember to surround yourself with those who really and genuinely love you. Go back to them. Must not forget that they are the ones who will be there for you at the end of the day. ~ Tracy Ho 

Erasing yourself from somebody's life is not as simple as walking out the door. 

“If pain must come, may it come quickly. Because I have a life to live, and I need to live it in the best way possible. If he has to make a choice, may he make it now. Then I will either wait for him or forget him.” ~ Paulo Coelho