6 Signs Your Partner Is Manipulating You

1. You find yourself emotionally volatile.

The one thing the manipulator enjoys more than anything is to guilt you. When you're made to feel guilty about something, you often find yourself feeling self-hate. Self-hate leads to emotional volatility. One thing you'll notice is a sense of stability returning to your life.

2. You're finding your relationships with others are getting worse.

Your manipulating partner may have, without you even really realizing it, pulled you away from people you love. Those friends you lost contact with are probably still ready and willing to be around you. Try reconnecting with people.

3. You have a horrible sense of self.

The presence of a manipulating person in your life can be a large one. In the same way the earth casts a shadow on the moon, blacking it out fully during a solar eclipse, the manipulator can cast a shadow over you and your personality. Without them blocking out the sun, you remember who you are and have a better sense of yourself.

4. You forget things you once enjoyed.

The manipulator probably took you away from your favorite hobbies in the same way they took you away from people you love. When you leave them, suddenly you remember how much you enjoy chess and hiking and you fully understand you've left a manipulator.

5. You never feel at peace.

With a manipulator in your life, you never truly feel at peace with yourself and the world you live in. If you escape the manipulator, it may take time to find inner peace, but it'll happen.

6. You feel like you can't trust anyone.

It may take time, but your trust in others will be restored eventually.