A Collection Of Dreams Symbols And What They Mean

Everyone has a window into their own subconscious in the dream world. Unfortunately, we forget most of them. This is why, if you are invested in finding meaning in your dreams, you should keep a dream journal. Just quickly jot it down upon awakening. With time, this practice will become easy.
Follow-Your-DreamIn a general sense, if you dream positively or about the future, this means that your psychic and emotional work has been done, and you have few issues. on the other hand, negative dreams could be a sign that there are issues in your life that need addressing.
The dream you’re having is an opportunity to work on whatever it is needs work.
Sometimes our dreams will follow a certain theme for a length of time. If you’re having a recurring dream, then you’re being told something. It’s your responsibility to find out why. This is why we’ve compiled these major dream symbols and their meanings, in alphabetical order for easy reference.


Yourself represented as a youth in a dream could mean missed opportunities. An older version of yourself could represent health issues. Seeing other elderly people in your dreams could represent good luck.


An apocalypse scenario represents stress and vulnerability. This type of dream could mean that you could be experiencing the dramatic changes of a new beginning soon.

Being chased

If someone or something is chasing you in a dream, it means you are likely avoiding something in your waking life. It could also mean that there is a situation in life in which you feel at a disadvantage. How do you react to being chased? Try confronting whatever it is in the dream world and you may see changes in your life.

Can’t talk

This is most extremely felt when trying to scream or cry ‘help.’ If you are trying to say something in your dream and can’t, then you could be feeling like your opinions don’t matter or that you are not being heard.


You could be coming to terms with your own mortality when you dream about yourself dying.
If it’s a loved one, then there is something that you haven’t come to terms with them, whether they are alive or actually dead.


In this type of dream, the vehicle is you. It will show you how you are navigating your life. If you can’t see anything, then it means you are ‘foggy’ about what your path in life should be. You could also be lacking in the ‘drive’ and ambition department.


An elevator going up could indicate just what this image typically indicates in life: good fortune, rising through the ranks as work, etc. If it is going down, it means the opposite. If could also represent loss of friendship, status or wealth.
A rising elevator can also indicate psychic or inner growth.


This is relational to school and work anxieties, fear of judgement, or fear of failure. If you are cheating on the exam in your dream, it could mean you’re not being honest with yourself.


When you are falling in a dream, it means you lack control, or feel a lack of control.


flying-dreamIf you are flying around in your dream, it means that you feel free of restraint.
It could mean that you have overcome a challenge or fixed something that was bothering you. It could mean that you are a free spirit in psychic terms.
If you have a fear of flying in the dream, it could represent a challenge you are soon to have to overcome.


You have a hunger for knowledge. How you feel about the food could also be relational to how you feel about something. Are you eating something you like? Something you detest? Try to relate it to something in your life.


This is either a barrier or an entrance. It’s either new beginnings or the end of something significant.
A locked gate could represent obstacles. In psychic terms, a gate could represent a portal to a new dimension.


A giant could mean that you have struggles which are difficult to overcome. Defeat the giant, and you could be opening yourself up for success.


You may feel that you need protection, or that you are anxious about something. To Freud, the gun represents male anatomy, and shooting it is an act of sexual release.

Handssolid dream sleeping conditions

Small hands could represent insecurities. If you can’t see your hands, you could feel out of control in your waking life.
Dirty hands represent issues of jealousy. Clean hands represent satisfaction in life. An injured hand could relate to an injured ego.


This is like the car, only in this case, you are the house. What kind of house is it? What does it look like? Where is it? If it’s your childhood home, then you may long for simpler times.


Insects in dreams are a reflection of unpleasant feelings you’re experiencing in your waking life. They could also represent a struggle.


Ladders, stairs, and steps could mean that you desire to improve a certain area of your life. In psychic terms, they could represent a DNA activation or a desire for one.


Lateness in a dream relates to an apprehension or sense of being overwhelmed in your life.
Psychically, the spirit does not observe time, so you may be grounded to the three dimensions and five senses.


Lottery winnings in a dream mean that you wish to be free of material and financial issues. Psychically, it could mean that you have given yourself up to fate/destiny.


If you witness the performance of magic in a dream, it could mean impending good fortune. Magic dreams are ones of change, creativity and power.


Lots of money means you feel powerful and in control. Lack of money could represent a feeling of low self-worth.


Climbing a mountain in a dream means you are facing a challenge in life. If you get to the top, it represents overcoming the challenge.


If you find yourself naked in a dream, it means that you are either concerned about others’ perception of you, or confident in your true colors. You could be insecure or vulnerable, but if you are flaunting your birthday suit, you could just need recognition.
Nudity in a dream can, of course, relate to sexual urges as well.


Dreams in which you can’t move could indicate that you are feeling trapped in some situation in your life, or that you don’t feel as if you can express yourself.
Psychically, paralysis could indicate a meditative state or a withdrawal from the material world.


Romantic dreams are a reflection of your current relationship status, or a feeling of contentment.


Like the car and the house, the school is you. Dreams about the first day of school could also indicate concerns of performance or fitting in.


This means that you desire intimacy, or to gain power over others. A $ex dream where your partner is involved indicates stability in the relationship and adoration for that person.

Slow Motion

Running in slow motion in a dream could indicate self-esteem or confidence issues. It could be a reflection of anxiety in your life as well.

dream 2Teeth

Being aware of your dental health in a dream may reflect worries about aging.
Losing teeth in a dream may reflect a feeling of being unattractive, or anxiety about a situation.


This reflects being restricted in an area of your waking life.


A UFO in a dream means that you desire to find meaning and purpose in your life. In your waking life, you probably have a fascination with the esoteric and unknown.


Drowning or a flood scene in a dream means that you feel overwhelmed. If you’re enjoying a nice scene at the beach, it means you are at peace. If the water is choppy, however, you could be hiding something within your subconscious.


Weather in a dream is a metaphorical reflection of how you feel in your waking life. For example, fog may indicate confusion, rain could mean that you are depressed or that you are in a cleansing time in your life, blue skies mean that you are happy and that all is good!