Here’s What Your Tooth Shape Say About Your Character

Show me your teeth and I’ll tell you who you are. From now on you don’t even have to talk to someone to learn something about their personality. Look at their incisors when they speak or smile. Of course, you’ll be showing who you really are too — which is probably just as interesting for the person you’re with!


When your two front teeth have a square shape you’re most probably a calm person who can control their emotions. Sometimes your reserved and even-tempered character could give a distant impression.


This shape is an indication for an artistic and creative streak. Plus you’re a stickler for details and know that the little stuff often makes the difference. You’re also empathetic and you can quickly pick up on what other people are feeling. Sometimes you get lost in thought and it can be hard to focus your attention on something for a longer period of time.


You’re a very optimistic, carefree, dynamic person. You like being with other people and you make friends quickly. In fact, you might be afraid of loneliness or being alone.


If your front two teeth are rectangular then you’re a born boss. You have a strong leadership personality and can make decisions quickly. You pursue the goals you have in life with determination. But you can also be focused on yourself and sometimes it gives other people an egotistic impression.
Surprised? Teeth apparently aren’t just there to eat and look well-groomed with. They can reveal quite a bit more than whether we brushed today…
The four types correspond with the four “humors” described by the ancient Greek father of medicine, Hippocrates, who supposedly developed this theory as well. Check out your friends and see if it works! SOURCE