13 Things That Will Happen After Eating Ginger Daily

All around the world people use ginger as a spice or because of its medicinal properties. This root is native to southeastern Asia and it is mostly used in the Indian cuisine.
This spice is both beneficial and delicious which is why people include it in numerous dishes and beverages.
Here are 13 of the many medicinal properties of ginger:
  1. Cancer fighter
Unfortunately more and more people get diagnosed with cancer every year. We were blessed by nature with this natural remedy that is able to fight ovary cancer in a much safer way than radiation, chemo and other conventional cancer treatments. Ginger can also reduce the risk of colon cancer because it lowers intestine and colon inflammation.
  1. Reduces inflammation
Arthritis and muscle pain are usually followed with pain and swelling which can be reduced by consuming ginger due to the gingerols it contains. This root is also excellent for preventing Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and diabetes.
  1. Prevents acid reflux
The Molecular Research and Food Nutrition journal published a study which explained that ginger blocks acid 6 times better than drugs that only harm the stomach lining. These drugs cause many health conditions such as ulcers and even abdominal cancer.
  1. Prevents morning sickness
Many pregnant women claim that ginger helps them to relieve nausea. The suggested amount is 200mg every 4 hours. However, you should always consult your doctor first before taking any supplements while pregnant.
  1. Relieves soreness in the throat and coughs
Ginger tea is excellent for treating sore throat and coughs. Prepare the tea by boiling some ginger in water, and then add some honey and lemon. Ginger not only relieves cough, it also removes nasal congestion.
  1. Improves digestion and prevents flatulence
If you have an upset belly, boil a few ginger chunks in water for a few minutes. To improve the taste, add a little honey once you have boiled them. If you want to reduce flatulence you should take 250-500 mg ginger root extract 3 times daily.
  1. Prevents and relieves headaches
For a quick headache relief prepare a mixture made from ginger, mint and cayenne powder. Simmer several ginger slices, a pinch of cayenne powder and 1 teaspoon of mint. Add honey to improve the taste.
  1. Soothes toothache
If you are having a toothache take a slice of raw ginger and rub it on your gums. The pain will soon be gone.
  1. Improves blood circulation
Ginger juice is excellent for improving the blood flow. Prepare the juice by grating 50 grams of ginger and then add it in 5 liters of hot water. Use the liquid to massage the area where you need to improve the circulation. This will also help remove the toxin residue.
Other benefits of consuming ginger
  • Prevent nausea and vomiting after surgery by chewing ginger
  • Treat muscle strains by applying a paste made from ginger and turmeric twice daily
  • Chew ginger before meals to improve your appetite and to promote digestive juice production
  • Balance blood glucose levels by drinking a glass of ginger water every morning.