The way you make a fist says a lot about your Personality

The way you make your fist has a lot to do with your personality and it depends a lot on the intent you have. So, what does it say about you? FInd out.

Clench your fist. How does it appear? Well, the way your fingers turn and your fist is formed does reveal a lot about you. What does yours say?

#1 Type A

If this is the way you hold your fist then you are a gentle person (notice how the thumb just rests beside the other four fingers). You are sensitive, compassionate and considerate.

The one thing that sets you apart is your emotional understanding. You are capable of taking into account other's emotions and act accordingly, which makes you accessible, as a person.

Internally, you are organized, strategic and towards the creative side. Tending towards introversion, you prefer a good blend of isolation and social exposure. You are slightly impatient when it comes to the things that you pursue.

The one thing, however, that you need to be careful about is people. They, not all, would try to take advantage of your fair attitude and given the kind of person you are, you may not even protest. Be you, but be careful.

#2 Type B

If this is how you hold your fist then your talent, charm, and charisma speak more about you than you ever could. You are high on the extroversion scale and ready to act at a moment's notice.

Like the thumb that stretches out to cover the other four fingers, unconsciously, you don't hold back your emotions either. Everything you are is out there and you don't hesitate in speaking as you feel.

Internally, you are driven, ambitious and a person who has a secret goal in their mind which they are in pursuit of. Your dreams are the only thing you hide from others as you really don't trust others to understand them.

You work in isolation for what you want in life and are extremely focused on your approach. The one thing that goes against you is that people tend you judge you the wrong way but the fact is that it's their problem and not yours.

#3 Type C

Holding the fist like in the figure above shows clear signs of introversion. The thumb hides behind the other fingers like your inner thoughts which you don't share with everyone. You like your own company and that of a selected few because the one thing you absolutely hate is drama.

You can't handle the phoniness of people and are attracted to those who are honest and straightforward. Internally, you wish to have only those people in your life with whom you can have a deep and meaningful conversation with.

You like spending time with people but after a certain point, you need your space. The thing that gets you riled up is when people intrude into your space without your consent and god help those who waste your time.

Honest and frank, you are careful of not hurting others and if there's one thing that brings you calm, it's the peace of your personal space, inhabited just by you. You are your own person and you were born to be that way.