Relationship with God

“It takes three to make love, not two: you, your spouse, and God. Without God people only succeed in bringing out the worst in one another. Lovers who have nothing else to do but love each other soon find there is nothing else. Without a central loyalty life is unfinished.”― Fulton J. Sheen

In a relationship with GOD 2020 It's the most important relationship that you can have. Embrace it everyday.

“Such is my relationship with God: on my gigantic canvass of life, I am the one throwing all of the brightly-colored paints, creating genuine splatters, authentic whirlpools of color, beautiful patterns, wonderful streaks and stains and wild accents; God is the one with the paintbrush who stands beside my canvass filling all the intricate and amazing details in between the whirlpools and the streaks! We're happy together!”― C. JoyBell C

“I was asked by a concerned church-goer: "Is your relationship with God okay?" and I answered "My relationship with God is far better than yours. You have to be in a certain place, with a certain group of people, pray at certain days of the week, read the Bible at certain times of the day; all in order to have a relationship with God. But I am with God from the moment I wake up, to the moment I fall asleep at night, I am with God wherever on this earth that I wander to, and whosoever I may be with! I may be sitting on the subway, and I am with God. I can assure you that I am closer to God than you are.”― C. JoyBell C.

Effective prayer is the fruit of a relationship with God, not a technique for acquiring blessings.

Our relationship with God will never be right as long as our relationship with others is wrong. ~ Alistair Begg

Real security can only be found in that which can never be taken from you - your relationship with God. ~ Rick Warren

My relationship with God is as strong as the time and energy I put into connecting with God.~ Macklemore