Ukraine Soldier Blows up a Bridge With Himself in a Heroic Move to Stop Russian Troops From Advancing

Several people are signing up to join defense squads to help the country stop the Russian invasion.

Ukrainian troops and citizens are prepared and determined to battle the Russian army to the end. They pledged on Friday to "give Putin hell from every house" as the Russian army pushed through Kyiv, the country's largest city, reports Daily Mail. One of them was a marine, Vitaly Shakun, who, in a brave move that hindered Russian soldiers, blew himself up along with a bridge in the Kherson district near Crimea. The General Staff of the Armed Forces informed that when Russians advanced and mined the Henichesk bridge in the Kherson district, he was on duty.


The battalion concluded that blowing up the bridge was the only option to stop them. Shakun didn't have time to flee. He warned his buddies he was about to detonate, and they heard an explosion a split second later, per the Facebook Post of General Staff. His actions, as well as those of the Ukrainian armed forces, have greatly slowed Russian progress to invade the country. A senior defense official who stayed anonymous told CNN that the Russians are facing more resistance from the country than they initially expected. They said, "I can’t give you an exact geographic location of where they are, but they are not moving on Kyiv as fast as they anticipated they would be able to. [They are] meeting more resistance than they expected."

Former President Petro Poroshenko was among the numerous people organizing territorial defense squadrons on the streets of Kyiv, ready to confront Putin's forces when they appeared. Poroshenko held up his Kalashnikov in an emotional CNN interview, vowing never to give in to Russian President Vladimir Putin or his troops. On Thursday night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky uploaded a video demonstrating that he was still in Kyiv and is visiting government offices. He said in the video, "We are all here. Our soldiers are here. The citizens are here and we are here. We defend our independence. That's how it'll go. Glory to our defenders, both male and female, glory to Ukraine!"

Posthumous prizes will now be offered to the marine who sacrificed his life. The Facebook post read, "To stop the advance of the tank column, it was decided to blow up the Genichesky road bridge. Shakun, engineer of a separate battalion, volunteered to perform this task. The bridge was mined, but he did not have time to leave. According to the brothers, Vitaliy got in touch and said that he was blowing up the bridge. An explosion was heard immediately. Our brother died." The translation of the post further said, "His heroic deed significantly slowed the advance of the enemy, which allowed the unit to redeploy and organize the defense."

President Zelensky announced to the people last Thursday that everyone who desired a firearm and was willing to stay and fight would receive one. To combat the enemy, citizens are being instructed to use Molotov cocktails. Ukrainian MP Andrii Osandchuk published images of dozens of people signing up to join defense squads around the nation.