This Is What Happens After You Quit Smoking: A Timeline Of How Your Body Heals

Smoking is an addiction that’s programmed into our consciousness. It used to be prescribed by doctors in the good’ ol days, because it gave you more stamina. People who smoke just can’t seem to kick the habit – and it’s not their fault. These cancer sticks are designed to tuck you in and keep you stuck. To be able to quit, you need a really strong support system and plan set in place to be able to actually rewire your brain.
This is what happens after you stop:
20 Minutes
Your heart rate will go back to normal as well as your blood pressure. You will feel more sensations in your hands and your legs. The organism will slowly start to clean itself from the nicotine, which can make you crave for another cigarette, but try and be persistent.
8 Hoursquit-smoking-1
You inhale carbon monoxide when tobacco is burning and that substance bonds with your blood cells.
That prevents the oxygen to bond to your cells and cause dangerous cardiovascular diseases.
You can cut that level of carbon monoxide on half by not smoking for 8 hours. Your oxygen levels will turn to normal and you will lower the risk of a heart attack.