Trust is like glass

Trust is like glass ... Once broken it will never be the same again!

Trust is like paper. Once it's crumbled, it can never be perfect again. Trust is like paper. Once it's crumbled, it can never be perfect again.

Trust can be mended, but it will never be the same. Still, it takes two to hold it in place and make needed changes to make the repair successful. Next time trust is broken, it’s nearly impossible to fix. Relationships are strong yet fragile with the wrong people involved. ( Karyn Rose )

The pain of the memory, will always be there. One cannot erase that. ( Patricia Gabriel )

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Please don't give up.

Sometimes when we are hurt - physically or emotionally - we are convinced that it is the end, that we will never feel wholeness or joy again. We think we are permanently broken, but we are not. You must keep striving and surviving with courage and hope. Never give up, and never surrender! Strong we can always be. But please hang in there. Hold your head high. Have faith in God. Please don't give up.

There’s a reason for everything, but as time passes you realise it was meant to be that God knows what is the best for you. ~ Desire Uys

People will always, always let us down, God never will. We just have to remember to reach up to Him. ~ Joan Legate

Apply patience and give respect to time. You will realize what a wonderful person is hiding inside of you. Still your mind, throw away yesterday, leave alone tomorrow and live your Present with mindful night of eachbreath you breathe now. You will discover that gems in you beyond anyone’s expectations. ~ Khema Jenny

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