8 Definite Signs Your Woman Truly Loves You

Sure, she says she loves you, but words are cheap. Short of seeing her reaction when you ask her for one of her kidneys, is there any way to tell whether she’s really feeling that love? Thanks to science and a little bit of psychology, there is!

She loves the way you smell. Do you catch her burying her nose in your pillow after you get out of bed? Or does she reel in disgust when you skip your shower? If you’re sure you’ve been laying off the garlic but she’s still turning up her nose at you, you may have trouble. Studies have shown that women use the sense of smell in determining a life partner.

She’s happy for your successes. A woman who celebrates with you when your life goes well is truly invested in you and your future together. Does she belittle your accomplishments? That’s a sign of resentment. Not good.
She’s always touching you. Does she have trouble keeping her hands off you? Touching, especially non-sexual touching like smoothing your hair or leaning against your shoulder, is a sign she cares deeply for you. It makes her happy to know you’re within reach.
She actually means it when she asks how your day went. A person in love wants to empathize with the object of her affection. Knowing every little detail of your day helps her strengthen her connection to you.
She doesn’t snoop through your stuff. If her love is in doubt, she may find herself looking through your phone or browsing history for excuses to leave you. But a woman who gives you your privacy is willing to trust you. Trust is one of the strongest signs of love.
She constantly brings you up in conversations with others. You might have to go to mutual friends to figure this one out. If she talks about you a lot, it means she can’t stop thinking about you. Of course, if she’s just complaining about you, that’s another story.
She likes to share her food with you. Love creates a chemical in our bodies called oxytocin, and studies have shown that oxytocin increases generosity (as well as trust; see above). That doesn’t mean your true love won’t get annoyed when you steal all her french fries, but if she likes to offer you bites, that is a sign her oxytocin is flowing.

Woman Love Logic:

Woman Love Logic:

When A Woman loves you, you are a HUSBAND.
When A Few Women love you, you are a MAN.
When Many Women love you, you are a LOVER.
When Hundreds of Women love you, you are an IDOL.
When Thousands of Women love you, you are a LEADER.
When All the Women in the world love you, you are not human… 
You are a diamond, gold, a dollar, a euro, or a yen. :)

Can’t Control Your Hair Fall? Apply This 2 Ingredients Mixture and Your Hair Will Grow Like “CRAZY”!

Hair fall, thinning of hair, premature gray hair and dandruff are the common hair problems that beset us. As a habit, we all look for an instant chemical remedy for these hair problems for quick results despite being aware of its many harmful consequences. The harsh chemicals in commercial hair care products can leave your hair flat, dry, and more damaged. Going natural is the best solution for hair problems, since it doesn’t have any side effects and its results are long lasting.

Here’s how you can grow your hair longer and stronger with just two ingredients! Make an egg yogurt hair mask for long thick and shiny hair!
Believe it or not, eggs have been used on hair since ancient times to stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair strands and also add shine to hair. There’s good reason for this – eggs are rich in so many vital nutrients including helpful enzymes, vitamins, minerals and of course, protein. Protein is the main component that makes egg hair masks popular, making it a cheap and easily accessible deep protein treatment for hair, right in the comfort of your own home. So many people testify to the amazing properties of eggs for your hair, both men and women alike.


  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons of unflavored thick yogurt
Note: You only need 1 egg for this treatment. Many recipes call for 2 eggs, but with yogurt added, 1 egg is sufficient. You may adjust the amount of yogurt according to your hair length. For waist length hair, you will require 2 tbsp of yogurt. For shorter hair, feel free to use 1 tbsp of yogurt.


1. First measure out your ingredients, and get your whisk and bowl ready for mixing. Use quality yogurt that is free of any artificial flavorings or additives. Home made yogurt is best but it’s usually a little runny so you may have to adjust the quantity of yogurt accordingly.
2. Crack open your egg into a bowl and begin beating it with your whisk until it is thoroughly combined and smooth as below.
3. Once your egg is all mixed up, pour in the yogurt and beat that in as well. Your final mixture should be smooth, creamy and not too runny.
4. That’s it! Your fabulous egg and yogurt hair mask is complete and ready for application!


1. Although I recommend getting your hair wet in the shower first for most hair masks, for egg hair masks, it’s totally fine to apply on dry hair. Just make sure you are in your bathroom or at least standing over your kitchen sink while applying this mask so that you can avoid any mess.
2. Begin by parting your hair into 2 sections. Using clean fingers, scoop out a portion of the hair mask, a little at a time, and apply all over your scalp. Start applying the mask on your middle parting and slowly work your way to all corners of your head.
3. Apply the remaining hair mask onto the length of your hair by scrunching it up with your fingers.
4. Now gather all your hair and roll it into a bun and wear a shower cap over it. This will prevent the mask from spilling over and will give you freedom to get other chores done. The shower cap will also trap heat from your scalp and enable the mask to penetrate deeper.
5. Give the mask 20 – 30 minutes to work it’s magic, and then wash your hair in the shower as usual. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner. By the end of the treatment, you’ll feel so good for having given your hair all natural nourishing that will help it stay strong and grow longer!

Choose A Key And See What Your Subconscious Reveals About Your Personality.

We occasionally like to present fun personality tests that are enjoyable and also you can learn something interesting about human nature. Maybe you will even discover details that define you and about which you had no idea before. A simple choice can reveal your tastes, preferences, strengths or weaknesses and many other things. How is that possible? All thanks to a psychological phenomenon which consists of all the unconscious factors, personal tendencies, and deep desires. Specialists are able to reverse this process and find the factors that influenced our choice.
That is why today we invite you to try this test with us and to know the hidden corners of your personality. All you have to do is to choose one of the keys you can see below. Do not think too much and do not look for details and answers. Concentrate on what you feel and you will see that there is always a key that catches your attention in particular.

KEY 1.


KEY 2.


KEY 3.








If Your Girl Does One of These 15 Things, Do Not Let Her Go:

Humanity was created in a manner that enables two such opposites to come together and become one. Identifying your other half is an intense journey, but the rewards are fantastic. If you are fortunate to pinpoint that lady, that rare jewel, then hold on to her as tightly as you can.

1. If she respects your Privacy
You might know a person who screwed up as quickly as he identified his sweetheart. However, maybe the lady became too possessive. So, if your girl lets you have quality time with your buddies, you are very fortunate.
2. If She Trusts You
Stories of how women attempt to unlock their men’ phones are increasingly famous. But if you look carefully, it ruins many relationships considerably. It is wonderful, certainly, to have someone who trusts you completely.
3. She does not take your excuses seriously
If your lady does not buy your excuses, never leave her. Such women want to see you achieve your dreams. Such girls strengthen you, and they support you throughout your life.
4. She’s smarter than you
Every male needs a smarter lady to help him survive life’s troubles. The adage that attributed a man’s success to a woman is quite popular. Without such a woman, your ego might do more harm than good. If a smarter woman comes into your life, that ego turns into confidence.
5. She’s gorgeous
Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. If she is incredibly beautiful, then she is worth it. These days, some people put excessive emphasis on the looks. Individuals should learn how to appreciate such beauty.

6. She’s kind 
If she is unkind, then she does not deserve you. For all ladies, kindness is imperative. Nonetheless, girls develop these maternal instincts over time. If you wish to start a family, then you have to make sure that you married the right woman.
7. She’s active
Life gets tough sometimes. Life can be dull and boring from time to time. Women weren’t born to entertain guys. In fact, it’s the exact opposite; but, having a woman who is lively, lovely, and energetic is the key to happiness.
8. She loves you
Love is one of the most crucial qualities any woman can have. When a lady likes you, she does so completely. Nothing can match this rare gift.
9. She is ready to compromise
Some individuals, male or female, are very stubborn. Nevertheless, relationships need making some compromises along the way. Identifying a woman who is ready to make some compromises is a good thing. However, you need to learn how to compromise too.

This Is What The Shape Of Your Chin Reveals About Your Personality.

Can you tell just by looking at someone if they’re likely to cheat? Who is the biggest gossip? What does your chin type tell others about you? Face reading has been in practice going as far back as ancient China. Here’s the scoop on what the shape of your chin says about you.

1 Square Chin
People with square chins are often thought of as very attractive (think of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie); however, they can also be extremely stubborn. If you have a square chin, you probably get straight to the point in your conversations, and you don’t try to hide what you’re thinking. A person with a square chin is less likely to compromise when it comes to getting what they want; this can make them hard for others to deal with.
2 Short and Narrow Chin
If you have this type of chin, you may be more sensitive than other people. Unkind words sting and the world can seem like a tough place to you, but you aren’t afraid to let others know when you’re ticked off. This chin type has a tendency to be hot-tempered and fiery. They can also be a lot of fun in social settings, as long as nobody pushes their buttons. Watch what you say around them because they love to gossip.
3 Protruding or Jutting Chin
People with jutting chins have lots of energy. They tend to be confident going into new situations, and they can be forceful at work. This tendency to have a high drive and goal-orientation makes them excellent in leadership roles, but it can also make them come off as pushy. People with this chin type may be habitual flirts that tend to cheat on their partners.
4 Round Chin
If you have a round chin, it’s believed that you make a great friend. That’s because you always offer support to those around you. You’re understanding, kind and family oriented. You work hard, but you also know how to have a good time. You’re a team player and enjoy being part of the team more than being in a leadership role.
5 Long Chin
People with long chins tend to be artistic and expressive. They’re also faithful, caring and sympathetic. If you go to them with a problem, they genuinely care about helping you in your time of need. Not surprisingly, people with this chin type tend to make friends easily anywhere they go.
6 Weak or Receding Chin
A person with a receding chin is considered to have the opposite personality of someone with a protruding chin. They may have a tendency to be weak-willed. Following through on projects to completion doesn’t come naturally to them. However, if you have a weak chin, you also have a talent for diplomacy and compromise, making you the peacemaker in difficult situations.
According to the practice of face reading, the type of chin a person has reveals their inborn tendencies. However, with a little effort, it’s always possible to counter the characteristics that you don’t like. Regardless of which type of chin you have, always remember to hold it up high and be proud of what makes you unique.

11 Things You Did not Know About Everyday Objects.

Have you ever noticed a random hole or hook on a device or everyday item and wondered what the heck it’s purpose is? There are many things we use every day that hide super helpful and surprising purposes right in plain sight.

#1. The tab that opens a can of soda also doubles as a straw holder so it doesn’t swivel around when you’re trying to make it meet your mouth.
#2. Those holes in the sides of converse aren’t there for decoration, they are there for ventilation. Many also believe that because the shoes were originally designed for basketball, the holes were used by looping the laces through them fora snugger fit.
#3. That little arrow beside the gas gauge on your dashboard is there to tell you which side of the car the gas cap is on.
#4. Why are those little bumps protruding out of only the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys on a keyboard? In 10-finger typing, these bumpsindicate where your index fingers rest and help you find your way back to the home position without having to glance down from the screen.
5. The tiny hole on airplane windows is there to allow air to low into the plane and regulate pressure in the aircraft.
6. Curious as to the purpose of those little wings on an Apple power cable? They flip up so you can wrap the thinner part of the cable around the wings and secure it from unraveling. A-ha!
7. Ever wonder why all of your pots have holes at the end of the handle? Not only to hang them, but to hold that messy spoon while you’re cooking up a storm.
8. For those of us who don’t eat them like chips, the indentation on the flip lid of Tic Tacs is actually there as a dispenser so you can eat one at a time.
9. Many have believed for years that the hole in the top of a ballpoint pen cap is to keep the pen from drying out or to keep the pen from leaking, but they couldn’t be more wrong! The hole is actually there to prevent young children from suffocating in the case that they chew/swallow the cap. It keeps air flowing even if they accidentally swallow!
10. Why is there a hole in my pasta spoon? Yes, it’s so the water will run through and strain the pasta, but did you know that it’s also the perfect size for a person’s portion of spaghetti ?? The hole in your pasta spoon is approximately equal to one serving of pasta.
11. That Little Hole In Every Padlock Is There For A Reason And You Ought To Know It.
While there’s an outlet to insert your key, have you ever wondered what is the utility of that tiny little hole on the padlock?
The little hole has been designed mechanically only to let the excess dirt or water pass through it. These are drain holes that let the moisture drain out since padlocks are mostly placed outdoors. It is also necessary when you have to pour the oil for lubrication purpose.

Do You Know the Danger of Turning On the A/C After Starting the Engine?

Most people turn on the A/C when sitting in the car without even thinking about it. However, did you know that this can be very dangerous for you and people around you?

You are probably wondering why and how. Usually, when we leave the car outside, we close the windows. When in shade, the car accumulates about 400-800 mg of benzene and if left in the sun those levels can rise up to 4000mg which is 40 times more than the allowed level.

This means that if you are sitting in a car and the windows are closed you inhale all the accumulated benzene. This dangerous toxin can affect and cause damage to the kidneys, liver and bone tissue. Our bodies need a lot of time to remove the benzene.

You might not know this but most car manuals are warning that you should open the car’s windows before you turn on the A/C. However, there is no explanation for this in any manual.

The medical explanation
When you turn on the A/C it starts ejecting the heated air before cooling it. Along with that air comes the benzene. We should also mention that benzene is a cancer-causing toxin.

So, next time you sit in your car make sure you open the windows for a few minutes first to let fresh air in before turning on the A/C.

Always remember to do so every time you get in the car and warn as many people as you can. This is a life-saving tip that will protect you and people around you from serious health issues and even death.

The Two Ingredient Remedy That Stops Migraines Instantly

Having a migraine can be very frustrating and it can also affect your everyday tasks. Migraine is not the same as a regular headache. Even the worst headache could not even compare to a migraine because sometimes they can become the worst nightmare.

When we experience a certain health issues we usually ask our doctor for advice who then prescribes medications for our condition. There are numerous different treatments and medications for migraines but most of them contain chemicals and have serious side-effects.
In case you suffer from migraines and you want to try a different approach rather than using conventional medicines, we have prepared a natural and safe remedy that can provide great relief from the unbearable pain.
Migraines are described as recurrent headaches which make you unable to properly function and you are only looking for a way to make the pain go away. Migraine makes you sensitive to everything including sound and light because the pain can worsen if exposed even to the slightest ray of sunlight. Sensory warnings of migraine include vomiting, nausea, flashes of light, tingling in the limbs and blind spots.
Drugs can relieve the pain due to migraine successfully as well as the related symptoms but unfortunately that relief is only temporary. The pain comes back after a while and what is even worse is the damage these drugs to on your health. Not to mention the fact that they can be very addictive which will only make you buy more until they no longer work.
The natural remedy for migraines
The main ingredient for this natural remedy is Himalayan pink salt. The other ingredient is lemon juice which has alkalizing effects that become even stronger when you combine it with Himalayan salt.
Taking this remedy will make your immune system stronger, it will restore the electrolytes in the body, it will create an alkaline environment thus relieve the pain.
  • ½ teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt
  • juice from ½ lemon
  • 1 glass of water
Mix all the ingredients and stir until the salt dissolves. Drink it immediately and in just a few minutes you will notice that the pain is reducing.

Shape Of Your Navel Tells A Lot About Your Personality and Health.

The belly button is one of the parts of our body that get less attention unless you noticed that it already needs to be clean. Although everyone is born with a belly button, each one is surprisingly unique. Not only can they tell something about your health but also your personality or level of perceived attractiveness.

Bulged Belly Button – Like A Button
A slightly bulged navel is adequate but if you see that the bulge is more noticeable than usual, it could be mean that you lifted something heavy that could put you at risk of a hernia.
Little Bulge 
If you have this type of belly button, it only means that you are more prone to a flu virus.
Tucked Navel

People who have this type of belly button are said to have weight problems. Also, individuals who have this type of belly button are prone to a flu virus.

People who have this type of belly buttons are more likely experiencing muscle pains and migraines. Also, a bone weakness has been observed.
Bulged with a U-form
This is one of the most beautiful forms of navels but it indicates a person’s risk of having skin and kidney diseases. Also, children are less likely to be born with genetic abnormalities.
Well aside from your health,  your shape of belly button also tell something about your personality find yours here.



2. BIG

















There’s no scientific evidence that your belly button can predict your temperament or personality. It may not be evidence-driven, but it sure is fun! Who wouldn’t want to know about the deep, dark secrets hiding in a belly button?

7 Exercises That Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

As a daily positive thinker, life’s distractions, negative people, and other external “brain drainers” can leave you faced with challenges to conquer. The good part is, you can learn to train your brain to help stay positive when times are tough.

Try these 7 tips to help train your brain to stay positive:

1. Daily Gratitude

Place your journal, a pad and pen or your phone with the gratitude app next to your bed each night.  When you wake up each morning, make it a habit to write down at least three things you’re grateful for. It can be anything from family and work to a good nights rest or the morning sunrise – whatever is positive in your life deserves a little thank you note from your soul. When attention is focused on gratitude, that which we’re grateful for will expand.

If it’s difficult to think of something right away, realize that something JUST happened that you can be grateful for…  you woke up today.   Not everyone gets that opportunity.

2. Stay Centered

Staying centered throughout the day will help keep you from being derailed by negative energy that tries to consume your confident, positive attitude.  You can find balance in many activities, such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing, walking in nature or any other activity that puts your mind at rest.  When you the mind ceases, the soul is allowed to speak. The calming energy produced from a good centering exercise surrounds the body, bringing about an unshakable spirit that will surely help you stay positive.

3. Stay Active

The adage “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” couldn’t be more true.  When the mind is focused on completing the day’s schedule successfully, negative energy is powerless.  Now you may ask “but what about the external shocks from other people or experiences that go sour?”
There are always things that may come up when you are staying active and focused on positively completing your day, but that’s where the other exercises like staying centered are ultimately going to help you stay positive throughout.