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A Video Showing 9 Months Of Life In The Womb Within Minutes Is Just BREATHTAKING!

Giving a birth is the most noble gift on Earth, and carrying a baby is considered a real miracle. The 4-minute video below shows how a baby develops in its mother’s womb, from the moment of conception until it sees the world.

This video is an accurate video presentation of the entire process. You are about to witness a real miracle!

Have you ever wondered how a baby develops so rapidly and fully in his or her mother’s womb? Well, this astounding short video demonstrates the mind-blowing process for us to witness. It’s a computerized, fast-paced – and accurate – window to the womb.

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Facts About Month Of Birth

Facts about month of birth

• January: People around you are overshadowed by you. No one else can compete with the fascination that you have with life. January’s birth stone is Garnet (Stone of Constancy)

• February: No one can change your mind if you decide something. People born in the month of February are generally very cheerful and full of life. February’ birth stone is Amethyst (Stone of sincerity)

• March: Others love your sense of humor and you can turn any situation into a funny and relaxed one. March’s birth stone is Aquamarine (Stone of Courage)

• April: Any one can trust you and you love to spend time with close friends and family. April’s birth stone is Diamond (Stone of Innocence)

• May: You don’t like to be instructed by others for what, how and when to do. You make your own path. May’s Birth stone is Emerald.

• June: You are always willing to help others and never hesitate to give advice to the world. June’s birthstone is Pearl, Alexandrite or Moonstone.

• July: You see the world differently than others but at the same time you are also very emotional. July’s birth stone is Ruby (Stone of Contentment)

• August: You have the leadership quality and once you know what you want, no one can influence your mind. August’ birth stone are Peridot, Sardonyx and Sapphire.

• September: You are not someone who would discriminate and you tend to be sympathetic for all the people. September’s birth stone is Sapphire (Stone of clear thinking)

• October: You are adorable, smart, funny and talented. Anyone around can be easily charmed by you. October’s birth stone is Opal or tourmaline.

• November: You inspire everyone around you and tend to be a good leader. You have the ability to guide other people. November’s birth stone is Citrine or Yellow Topaz.

• December: You are not someone who will complain a lot and you tend to enjoy whatever life offers you. December’s birth stone is Turquoise.

Your Birth Order Can Shape Your Destiny! Know How

How your birth order can tell about your personality
Your birth order can really affect your personality. We all are more or less familiar with these common 4 stereotypes when it comes to birth order personalities:the only child always have trouble in sharing his or her feeling, the oldest child is always bossy, the youngest ones are naughty and spoilt and the middle – well the middle is stuck in the middle. So read on to find out truth behind birth order differences.
Birth order does matter
Yes! According to some researchers, your birth order is as important as gender and genetics. Think about it, how can any two children ever take the same role in the family? Parents deal with their children differently when it comes to their age in combination with their potential, very well recognized by the parent.For example, the parent might only lay trust in the older one with the responsibility of taking care of the child, thus other children may call for different roles in the family.

Birthday Game


Add your birthday date & know about yourself.
ex: 14-02-1996
1+4+0+2+1+9+9+6= 32

Note : add digits until you get a single digit number must comment your result !!

If you get

1 = your love is true

2 = your family is good

3 = your voice is sweet

4 = your life is going great

5 = your lover is deeply in love with you

6 = Partly talented person

7 = intelligent

8 = born to win

9 = confused person..!

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