Epic Funny Conversation Between Dad & Son

Dad: if you Pass in the exam i will Present you 1 Cycle.

Son: if i fail?

Dad: Then i will Present 10 Cycles

Son: why?

Dad: To Open a Cycle Shop..

After Exam Result

Dad: What's your Grade, son?

Son: Under water, Dad.

Dad: Under water? What do You mean?

Son: They're below C level.

Dad: whenever i beat you, you don't get annoyed, how you control your anger?

Son: i start cleaning the toilet. Sitting with your toothbrush

Dad shocks....

Dad: Whom You like more Mom or Dad?

Son: Both

Dad: No tell me 1?

Son: Both

Dad: If i go to America & Your mother go to Paris Where will you go?

Son: Paris

Dad: It means that you like your Mom?

Son: No, because Paris is beautiful than America

Dad: If i go to Paris & your Mom goes to America , so Where will you go?

Son: America

Dad: why?

Son: I've seen Paris with my Mom, Daddy....

Dad : shocks....
Son : rocks.....