Put Some Vicks Vaporub On A Garlic Clove. And The Reason? You Will Regret Not Knowing This Earlier!

Vicks VapoRub has a long history of usage and it is really powerful. After you read for what kind of things you can use this ointment you will understand that is not only a remedy for congested chest, so here are 20 uses of Vicks. Each of those 20 will leave you shocked in the positive way.

1. It can relieve earache and all you have to do to achieve that is to dip a cotton ball into Vicks and to put it in the ‘problematic’ ear and expect instant-improvements.

For 10 seconds warm garlic clove in the microwave and afterwards you should apply a little bit of Vicks on the ends of the garlic and in the ‘problematic’ ear put the garlic.

2. You can eliminate warts with Vicks. Just on the affected area you should apply Vicks and with a clean cloth cover that area. In just a couple of days you will start noticing improvements and in 14 days the wart will be gone.

3. Vicks is helpful in the cases with Athlete’s foot. Just apply the ointment twice on a daily basis and expect amazing results.

4. It can treat eczema with just rubbing Vicks on the affected area.

5. It can reduce the appearance of unattractive stretch marks with just applying some Vicks on the affected area. If you start doing this on a regular basis you should have amazing results within 2 weeks.

6. Nail fungus can be past with Vicks no matter it is fingernail or toenail. All you will have to do is to apply Vicks on the affected nail twice every day and after applying it you should put on cotton socks (if it is for toenail).

7. You hate your cracked heals? Then can be past if you start using Vicks. Just rub some Vicks on your feet and heels and afterwards put on warm socks. You should do this before going to bed, and in the morning when you wake up you should rinse it with warm water. If there is hard skin you can use pumice stone to exfoliate it. This process should be repeated until you get the wanted results.

8. Congestion and cough can be relieved if you rub Vicks onto your throat and chest.

9. It can soothe sore muscles if you massage your aching muscles with Vicks. After finishing with the massage you should wrap the muscle with a warm and dry towel. This process should be repeated three times daily until the pain is gone.

10. If you want to nourish your skin you should just apply some Vicks on dry skin areas.

11. The pain from tennis elbow can be past with Vicks. Just rub well until you notice improvements.

12. It can heal bruises. Combination of Vicks and pinch of salt can prevent any color changing or swelling. Onto a fresh bruise rub with the combination.

13. It can soothe your sinus headache with smearing some Vicks under your nose and breathing deeply.

14. As we already know it can nourish the skin and thus it can also treat acne. Couple of times daily, apply Vicks on the affected areas and you will notice improvements.

15. It can speed up the healing process and prevent the development of infections in case of cuts and splinters. You just have to apply some Vicks on the affected area.

16. Mosquitoes can be really boring, and Vicks can help you in that case. Just apply a little bit of Vicks on your skin and even clothes to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

17. Do you enjoy going to picnic but you have to deal with insects? Well now you can have a great time while you are on a picnic because Vicks will be your ‘guardian’. Just open a bottle of Vicks while you are on picnic and that will keep all the insects away. You can also rub some Vicks on your neck, behind your ears, elbows and inner knees.

18. Your pet is peeing on your favorite furniture? –You can solve that problem with opening a bottle of Vicks and placing it on the place where your pet is peeing and this will keep your pet away from that place.

19. Your kitty’s nails can be kept under control with Vicks. And by that we mean that you can protect your furniture, walls and windows from being scratched by your cat. Just rub some Vicks on the walls, windows and furniture.

20. We were keeping this one for the last with reason – because it is the most interesting one. Racehorses should be focused on the race right? But what if there are female ponies near there and the racehorse is having hard time focusing on the race? Because of this reason professional racers apply Vicks under the nostril of their racehorse on the day of the race. And that will keep them focused on the race and not on those female ponies.