6 Warning Signs You Are About To Have A Stroke Soon

Strokes can happen to just about anyone at any given moment in time. Some circumstances being a lot more severe than others.

However, each individual scenario should still be treated with a serious demeanor since it could mean the difference between life and death.

Just to give you the technical definition of a stroke -- it's when a a blood vessel located in your brain begins to bleed, which is referred to as hemorrhagic, or when the blood vessel becomes blocked, which is often referred to as Ischemic.

Both of these incidents can cause extreme damage to the brain, as well as possible death.

It can be a little bit difficult to know when exactly you are having a stroke. other times it's not subtle at all. It's important to keep in mind that strokes are claimed to the be the fifth highest reason for death in the U.S.

It's also important to keep in mind that strokes can be minimized or reduced with the aid of exercise, a healthy diet, and watching your weight.

1. Sudden Extreme Migraine/Headache

If you've been dealing with a severe migraine or headache then this could mean that there is a blockage within one of the blood vessels in your brain. However, pain is not always a system of a stroke, so there may be other situations where you do not feel anything at all. Some experience localized head pain as well.

If you do not have a lengthy history in having migraines or headaches, and suddenly develop one out of the blue it could be a warning sign that you are having a stroke.

The reason why is that your brain is internally bleeding which is causing a sever chain of events that involves an extreme head pain.

2. Sudden Troubles Focusing

Having a stroke can also impair your ability to focus and think critically. You will notice immediately that you are unable to have any sort of cognitive thought. That should be your indication that you're suffering from a stroke.

The reason behind this is because a certain area in your brain may be lacking oxygen. This makes it extremely difficult for your brain to process things, as well as any other kind of function you would normally be able to do. It can be difficult to make full sentences.

There may also be times where you are unable to understand anything that anyone is saying to you.

3. Sudden Dizziness
Another huge warning sign that may indicate you are having a stroke is when you are unable to keep your balance when standing.

This kind of side-effect may be hard to recognize if you are under the influence of alcohol or anything else that impairs your ability to think critically. You may already be unable to stand up without wanting to fall over.

A huge indication that it is a stroke and you aren't merely intoxicated is if one side of your mouth begins to droop and you are having the utmost difficult time saying words. The reason behind this could be that there isn't any blood getting to your facial muscles.

4. Sudden Numbness/Weakness

One of the huge warning signs that you are suffering from a stroke is if one of your arms has gone numb and you can't help but feel extremely weak.

The reason for this is that a stroke will only affect one side of your body. It is entirely dependent on where the blockage/bleeding is located in your brain. If this feeling doesn't go away after a few minutes this could be your indication that you are suffering from a stroke.

5. Sudden Issues With Vision
Just like the issues described above about one of your arms being completely numb or weak, your vision may also become affected. If you suddenly are having issues with your vision in one eye specifically, then this could be a warning sign that you are suffering from a stroke.

Another way to tell if this is happening is that you may develop double vision. This happens because one of your eyes is unable to focus entirely due to the stroke. Your eyes are no longer working together to focus on something, but instead one of your eyes has become completely numb.

6. Sudden Fatigue Or Exhaustion

This is one of the harder to detect symptoms of having a stroke, since fatigue and exhaustion can result from just about anything.

However, when there is a certain kind of disruption within your body you will notice that you are suddenly very tired. This is due to your brain not getting any blood flow to the affected location.

One of the biggest indications that indicate a stroke is when it hits out of nowhere and you have no idea why you've suddenly become extremely exhausted.

The biggest thing to keep in mind about strokes is that it literally can happen to you anywhere you are.

The best thing to do when you are suffering from a stroke is to watch for the signs, call for help immediately upon feeling as if you are not well, and getting to the nearest hospital as soon as you possibly can.