You Should Do These 10 Beauty Habits Every Night

Every day the skin is exposed directly or indirectly to the negative factors of the environment. Dust, UV rays, chemicals, toxins are some of the pollutants that affect the skin. As we grow old, certain changes appear on our face like wrinkles, dark spots. In order to reduce their appearance and to keep our skin as young as we can we should take a look in this list of beauty habits:

1. Remove make up
Always before going to bed remove the make. Allow your pores to breath and prevent them from clogging. Clogging pores cause appearance of dark spots, acne and damages to the skin. Always use a moisturizer after make-up removal.

2. Use a toner
Before going to bed at night, clean the face with a toner. In this way, you restore the natural pH levels of the skin by bettering its resistance to bacteria and other microorganisms. A toner will not only clean your skin, but it will also hydrate and energize it.

3. Brush your teeth
This habit is concerning also health issues. By keeping the mouth hygiene you are preventing of appearance of microorganism in the mouth, infection, germs and cavities.

4. Applications of eye cream
Cream that will hydrate the thin layers of skin under the eyes is the best to be applied after make-up removing. The cream will hydrate the skin and lower the visibility of dark circles, wrinkles around that area.

5. Application of petroleum jelly on the feet
After showering, wash your feet with warm water and apply some foot cream or petroleum jelly and massage them gently. In this way, you prevent the occurrence of cracked heels and dry patches.

6. Silk pillowcase
Silk is rich with 18 essential acids and lots of natural proteins that will help in the process of maintaining the skin young and healthy. Tangling, damaging and knotting of the hair will be prevented as well.

7. Beauty sleep
In order to recharge our batteries we need seven or eight hours of sleep. In this time the cells regenerate and grow. Also enough sleep is good for the young look and prevent occurrence of wrinkles, dark circles etc.

Go to bed earlier and without your phone, turn off the TV and first enjoy a shower or warm bath.

8. Pin up the hair
Always sleep with your hair tied up because you will not only prevent hair tangling, but the hair won’t touch your face while you sleep. This is important because the hair contains dirt and oils that are known to cause pimples and acne.

9. Utilize a toner

Before going to bed during the evening, clean the face with a toner. Along these lines, you reestablish the characteristic pH levels of the skin by bettering its imperviousness to microbes and different microorganisms. A toner won’t just clean your skin, however it will likewise hydrate and invigorate it.

10. Apply a hand cream
Before you go to rest, wash the hands with cleanser and warm water, pat them dry, and after that apply hand cream. Along these lines, your hands will look sound, delicate, and revived.