13 Weird Things Most Men Don't Know About Female Body.

Gentlemen, you may think you’re clued up about female body, but there are some surprising things you didn’t know. Like did you know woman’s one breast is always larger than the other? If not, you need to keep reading:

#1. One breast is always larger than the other. It’s usually a small enough difference to not be noticeable. But no woman has equal-sized breasts.

#2. According to some scientific research, the attractiveness of a woman’s child is heavily dependent on what she eats during pregnancy. (So don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever you want ladies!)

#3. The part of the brain that shows arousal during s*x also shows a similar arousal in some women while they’re thinking about food. Especially when they have food cravings.

#4. Contrary to popular belief women may experience multiple orgasms, while men always need time between orgasms.

#5. If you’re wondering why your girlfriend always brings things up from the past, it’s because women’s brains have been shown to have greater recall and memory than men’s.

#6. Studies show that unlike men, who only listen with the left side of their brain, women listen with both sides of their brain. Well, this explains a lot. #amiright ladies? TC mark

#7. Evolutionary biologists claim that it is natural for women to seek men because of attractiveness and resources. (While men mostly seek youth and attractiveness.)

#8. You might know that women live longer than men, on average. But do you know why? Some studies suggest that women are generally more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle. But there have also been studies suggesting that women’s bodies are naturally better at fighting disease. And some even suggest this is especially true for women who have been child bearers.

#9. Women over 40 are generally quicker at achieving orgasm than women under 40.

#10. Women crave s*x in the summer more than they do in any other seasons due to the season’s scents! (Weird because I always thought winter, being cold and all, would be the best time.)

#11. A woman’s egg is fertile between 24 and 48 hours and sperm can live up to 48 hours or longer in the a woman’s body. Yes, you read that right.

#12. Because men are especially attracted to fertile women, women who take birth control can actually be perceived as less attractive. Studies suggest that men’s biology picks up on this due to changes in a woman’s odor and changes in pitch.

#13. Women need to go easy on the razors downstairs because shaving the pubic area completely has been correlated to increased chances of spreading an STI.