People usually change for two reasons

People usually change for two reasons. It’s either they have learned a lot, or they have been hurt a lot.

One of the lessons I have learned in the different stages of my career is that science is not done alone. It is through talking with others and sharing that progress is made. Carol W. Greider

I have learned from personal experience that putting trust in God means there will be some unanswered questions. That was a hard lesson for me because I naturally want to understand everything... to know what's going on so I can feel like I'm in control. Joyce Meyer

Sometimes it's not the people who change,it's the mask that falls off. 

People change, those that are close they turn to enemies and those that are strange, they turn to family.

Some people change their ways when they see the light; others when they feel the heat

“It doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again.”