I will always need my Son, no matter what age I am

I will always need my Son, no matter what age I am. My son has made me laugh, made me proud, made me cry, seen me cry, hugged me tight, seen me fail, cheered me up, kept me on my toes, and at times driven me crazy, But my Son is a promise that I will have a friend FOREVER!

My love for you is limitless, affection for you is endless and care for you is boundless. After all, you are a son who is flawless.

You are here always, within my strong and loving embrace You are protected You are loved.

I delight in you, and see my own eyes upon your eyes I take away your fears I take away your tears from now on you are safe and you are where you’ve always longed to be.

My son and daughter tell me where they are in very different ways. I know where my son is because I hear him. I know where my daughter is because she tells me. 

Father and son relationships can be complicated - mine certainly is. Love. Hate. Respect. Fear. Worship. Disdain. Pride. Disappointment. Happiness. Anger. Joy. Sadness. The list goes on. 

When our culture can't even agree on what it is to be a man, we will need a great deal of courage to stand on the divinely delivered definitions found in God's Word. 

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