Meaning Behind Color of Your Urine

Urine Color Meaning is one of the most important diagnostic factors for your doctor, and it can tell them – and you – a lot about what’s going on inside the body. If you notice any change in the frequency of color of your urine, you should make an appointment with your doctor.


Here are urine color meaning and what they could indicate.


If your urine is completely clear, it can mean that you’re drinking too much water. Basically putting too much pressure on your kidneys to filter through all of the water. Remember that water toxicity from drinking too much water is a possible, but very rare.


Ideally, your urine should be light yellow or the color of straw. This means that your kidneys are doing their job as they should, and your diet is as close to healthy as it can be.


Dark yellow urine can mean that you’re dehydrated, or that your kidneys are working too hard to process too many toxins. See your doctor and adapt your diet.


Dark brown urine can sometimes be a sign of medication causing it, or a sign that you are severely dehydrated. Antibiotics are the most common cause of dark brown urine. See your doctor if it’s a recurring symptom.
 Red or Pink
Red or pink urine can sometimes mean that you’ve had too much beetroot, or it can be some types of medication that causes the discoloration. It can also refer to the presence of blood in the urine, however slight, and means that you should make an appointment with your doctor sooner rather than later.
Black-colored urine is rare, but can sometimes be caused by:
  • certain dyes
  • medications
  • particularly iron injections
Seeing black urine can also indicate a very severe infection, as can green or purple urine.


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