Somewhere in Heaven my Mother is smiling down on me. I love you Mom.

Somewhere in Heaven my mother is smiling down on me. I love you mom.

My Mom is no longer beside me to take care of me. Because she already left this world. But deep inside, I know, my mother is still looking at me and smiling at me in the heaven.

I understand that there is nothing can separate us two. And I also know that, I should be strong and live a happy life so that I can deserve the love of my mother. Mom, I love you forever.

So painful to lose a loved one, a mother to be precise. May you find strength to move on. Their souls have departed.. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. The body awaits the resurrection though.

Never stop thinking about and miss sharing everyday life together. Never the same anymore.

"I love you Mother" is more appropriate for us. I did not "like" several traits and/or behaviors but I had so much RESPECT for what she overcame to succeed and the level of responsibility she taught me which supercedes most of society. She did her best with the tools and knowledge she was given. I was a very young mom and I failed miserably in many aspects as well. I TOTALLY understand and forgive my mom. I love and miss her.