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14 BIGGEST FOOD MYTHS Busted By Science.

Has your mother ever told you that eating dinner after 7pm is not healthy? Or you should always eat two bananas together? These food myths have existed since man started eating. Do you know about all the food related myths? Many of us wonder if they are true or not.

Scientists have found the answers to all those lingering questions in your mind. They have used science to debunk 14 of the most famous food myths of all time.
The Tapoos Team has gathered the facts for all the debunked food myths:


Truth: It is only a myth. No scientific data is available to support it. All you have to do is to make sure your cutting boards are thoroughly washed.


Truth:No matter how much salt you add into water, the boiling point of water never changes.


Truth:This is completely wrong. Eating saturated fat, and trans fat raises your blood cholesterol level. Eggs contain no trans-fats at all. Scientists have found that eggs contain some rare antioxidants that help preserve vision.


Truth:Scientists have proven that the human kidneys hold the ability to dissolve any aluminum content. Therefore, it cannot cause Alzheimer’s disease.


Truth:What they actually give you is insomnia and obesity. The high sugar and caffeine content gives you a slight sugar rush that’s all.


Truth:Scientists have found no correlation between heart attack and fried food.


Truth:Scientists have come to the conclusion that such a diet has no effect on your weight.


Truth:No scientific data is available to support this claim.


Truth:The risk of heart disease in people who consume coffee is 25 percent less than those who don’t.


Truth:Cooked carrots are actually more nutritious than uncooked ones. Cell walls break down and beta-carotene releases when carrots are cooked.


Truth:If skinning a chicken decreases anything, it is the juiciness of the meat. No caloric amounts decrease in reality.


Truth:This myth only holds true for flavored carbonated drinks.


Truth:The uncomfortable sensations after consuming spices are not ulcers’ symptoms.


Truth:Studies reveal that people who consume alcohol have the same number of brain cells as normal people do.

Coconut Oil Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger If You Use It For 2 Weeks This Way

Coconut Oil Benefits That You Need To Know!

Coconut oil is very popular nowadays, and it’s not used just for cooking. It has powerful components which are great for our health and beauty. Coconut oil is actually the best ingredient when it comes to food regimen and health problems.
Here are some reasons why coconut oil should be included in you daily routine and diet:

*Excellent cellulite cream*

Coconut oil is a perfect solution for all women with cellulite. You’ll need only 2 ingredients, honey and coconut oil. Mix the ingredients and apply the mixture on the affected area, before going to bed, every night. Repeat it for several weeks and the cellulite will be gone.

*Nourishes the skin*

Every night, before going to sleep, apply coconut oil on your skin as a treatment for nourishing the skin. It penetrates deep into the skin, making it elastic and soft.

*Varicose veins*

Massage coconut oil on the critical areas on a daily basis, if you suffer from varicose veins. It is proven to be the best method to deal with varicose veins naturally.

*Softens the cuticles*

Use coconut oil to soften the dry cuticles. You should massage the nails every day until you get the results you want.

*Eyelash treatment*

Coconut oil is great for those who use make up regularly. Apply coconut oil on the lashes, every night before going to bed and deal with the breakage and hair loss problems over time.

*Shaving cream*

The shaving creams that we buy, contain chemical components which are harmful. Coconut oil is great for shaving the underarm areas and the other parts of the body, as well. It will soothe the skin, leave great smell and keep the skin hydrated.

*Hand cream*

Because of its smoothing and soothing properties, it is more than good for the hands. Use coconut oil to nourish the hand skin and you will feel the difference.

Cleanse Kidneys Of Toxins, Diabetes, Asthma And Cholesterol With Easy Recipes (Video)

So, you need to cleanse kidneys of toxins?.. The most used food item in Philippines, UK or US is okra. It is same pronounced in Carribean English and Nigeria also. Another name term is “lady fingers”.

In raw okra, 1 cup, you have only 30 calories, 3 g fiber, 2 g protein, 7.6 g carbs and 0.1 fat, 21 mg vitamin C, 80 mg folate and 60 mg magnesium. It is indeed a health powerful veggie and available anywhere.

It doesn’t matter way of consumption, boiled, stewed, raw, fried, pickled – it is healthy anyway all year long.

It eases up the asthma symptoms, bad cholesterol too, improves immunity, stops kidney issues and cleanse kidneys and helps with diabetes patients. It is even proved how it improves glucose related absorption issues in the stomach.

With this simple recipe, you will level the sugar in the bloodstream.


Get 4 okras fresh and cut them on heads and tails. Put 2-3 cuts in water to sit over night. Drink that water before breakfast. This will stop cravings during the day and level good sugar in blood.

How To Permanently Eliminate Back And Neck Pain – Without Any Medications!

Nobody likes feeling pain and even though there are some types that are bearable back pain certainly isn’t one of them. This chronic condition affects people all around the world every day.

Back pain can be triggered by and infinite number of causes and the market is full of painkillers that only hide the pain without treating the cause. Taking painkillers has numerous side-effects and can cause even more harm than good. According to experts back pain includes lower, middle or upper back pain or low back pain with sciatica. Some of the conditions that could cause back pain are arthritis, degenerative disc disease and nerve and muscular problems. The usual way to treat the back pain symptoms is using pain killers.

Unfortunately back pain is very common and it affects millions of people. Some of the causes for this condition are accidents, muscle strains, sports injuries or a lifetime of bad habits. Even though each person may experience pain due to different cause, the majority of people share the same symptoms.
Back pain can affect anyone; however the following things increase your risk of having it:
  • Age
Your chances of experiencing back pain increase as you age. It usually starts in your thirties or forties and then the older you are the worse the pain.
  • Fitness
Experts claim that people who are not physically fit are more at risk of experiencing back pain
  • Genetics
Ankylosing spondylitis is a form of arthritis that affects the pain which has a genetic component. Back pain can be caused by some types of arthritis and cancer.
  • Physical injury
If you apply too much pressure on your spine while lifting, pushing or pulling objects you may also experience back pain. Improper body posture is another cause of this condition.
  • Smoking
If you are a smoker your spine discs probably aren’t getting enough nutrients. Back pain can also be caused by smoker’s cough. Smoker’s bodies take more time to recover and heal which means the back pain will last longer.
How to naturally relieve back pain
  • Consume sufficient amounts of vitamin D
  • Exercise daily
  • Get enough rest
  • Apply hot and cold compresses to the affected area
  • Quit smoking
  • Lose weight if you need to
  • Take deep breaths
  • Try to reduce stress as much as possible
  • Practice yoga
  • Stretch more often
  • Practice Pilates
  • Avoid doing activities that cause back pain
  • Try massage therapy
  • Avoid sitting too long
  • Try to keep a good posture
How to naturally relieve neck pain
  • Apply cold compresses
  • Use a hot pillow
  • Improve your sleeping posture
  • Slowly exercise your neck muscles
  • Take a relaxing shower or bath.

10 Things to Stop Expecting From Others

One of the many faults that we have and greatest source of emotional and mental suffering is having too much expectations of others. Constantly putting your friends and family under a microscope is simply asking for trouble and studies even show that unwarranted expectations from people leads to anxiety, depression and psychological health deterioration. This is because giving someone else standards leads to disappointment once they don’t manage to reach them and that creates rifts and severely damages your relationship with people.

1. Stop expecting them to always do the right thing
Everybody’s different, from the genetic make-up in our DNA to the cultural and social beliefs. Expecting people to do the right thing is a bit unrealistic, because what may seem right for you isn’t to them. The environment you’ve been raised in imposes various psychological and cultural practices which differ to different people. So if feeding on a dog isn’t right to you, don’t expect that from your Asian workmate. Focus on your beliefs and morals.
2. Don’t expect everyone to agree with you
We constantly feel comfortable when people around us agree with our thoughts and actions but this may not always be the case. Don’t let anger or hurt get to you when your colleagues don’t share the same sentiments that you hold and this is both pointless and harmful.

3. Stop expecting them to be perfect
Well it’s a no brainer that no-one’s perfectand expecting this from people is bound to result in disappointment. Once you expect people to do certain things to perfection and they don’t, try and understand that they are only human and they tried.Besides, they may be very comfortable with what they did and see it as their best.
4. Don’t expect them to be mind-readers
Sometimes you may not be feeling okay and you may be having some emotional or mental turmoils. Use your words to express yourself because human beings are incapable of reading your mind. Remember, failing to communicate is one of the top factors that injures relationship.
5. Stop expecting them to pick us up after we fall
Everyone has their own struggles and just because someone isn’t there to brush the dirt off your shoulders doesn’t mean that they don’t care. They could be facing much larger problems than yours.
6. Stop expecting them to always understand you
Don’t try and explain yourself too hard to others, so long as you understand yourself, then the others don’t really count. Your friends not ‘getting’ you doesn’t make you any less of what you are.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE: Dip Half A Lemon In Baking Soda… The Results Are Fantastic!

Baking soda is a powder that has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It provides numerous health benefits such as treating colds, skin issues and oral problems. It also regulates and neutralizes the pH levels of the body as well as provides numerous benefits for the skin and hair. Besides these properties, baking soda is also an excellent cleaning agent.
Here are 13 reasons why you need to make sure you always have baking soda in your home.
Remove grease and residue
If you want to reuse a jar but you have trouble removing the stickiness of the label, try baking soda. Put the jar in a pot of water, add some baking soda in the water and let it boil for about half an hour. This way you will remove the glue residue from the label making your jar look as good as new. Once the jar is cooled off wash it before use.
Clean fruits and vegetables
Sometimes, no matter how much you was the fruits and vegetables the might not be clean enough. However, if you use baking soda all the impurities from your food will be gone. Sprinkle some baking soda on the fruits and vegetables and wash them well. You can also scrub them using a brush. You can also make a mixture of baking soda and water and put them in a spray bottle. This is a much easier way to apply the baking soda on your fruits and veggies.
Lip scrub
Baking soda is great exfoliating agent. Mix baking soda and some honey and massage it on the lips gently. There you have it, your own homemade lip scrub.
Clean your jewels
Baking soda can also be used to clean silver or diamonds. Scrub them using an old toothbrush and some baking soda and then just leave them dry. The toothbrush is gentle enough so don’t be afraid of scratching them.
Homemade surface cleaner
Mixing baking soda and lemon juice creates the perfect home cleaning agent. The mixture can be used for cleaning pots, pans, kitchen cabinets as well as for removing greasy residue.
Freshen up your drawers
Take a plastic container and put some baking soda in it and then add some spices or essential oil. Mix them well and then cover the container with a lid. Poke some holes on the lid of the container just enough so that air can come out. Put this container in any place that you want to keep smelling fresh and clean.
Whiten yellow nails
Painting the nails too often sometimes causes them to turn yellow. Baking soda can help you make them pretty and clean again. Mix some baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and apply it on the nails. Let it work for about ten minutes and then wash your hands.
Natural glass cleaner
If you want a natural glass cleaner instead of the ones full of chemicals, you can make one yourself. Mix some lemon juice, water and baking soda and put them in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the surface you want to clean and wipe it with a cloth.
Freshen stuffed animals
Stuffed animals are not always easy to clean, so baking soda can be of great help. Take a large plastic bag, put the stuffed animals in it and sprinkle them with baking soda. Shake the bag well, however to avoid baking soda all around the room, it is advised to do this outside. Then, vacuum the stuffed animals from the excess baking soda and dust.
Freshen your dishwasher
When the dishwasher starts to smell weird, put some baking soda inside it at the bottom and leave it overnight. In the morning let the dishwasher run to rinse off the baking soda.
Teeth whitening
No need for expensive teeth whitening agents. You can use baking soda by mixing it with your regular toothpaste and brushing the teeth for about 1 minute. This mixture is also great for sensitive teeth.
Clean toilet
Baking soda can also be used to quickly scrub the dirt off the toilet.
Facial exfoliator
Baking soda can be used as a face and body exfoliator. For the face, you can use just the baking soda or you can mix it with your face wash. This will make your skin clean, bright and smooth.

Pineapple Diet to Lose Five Kilos in Three Days

Staying fit and healthy is a lot more complicated than it may seem. It is rather challenging and it requires your complete devotion as well as proper diet and plenty of exercise. The following diet plan is all around the internet. It is very healthy and extremely efficient in helping you lose weight.
The main ingredient of this diet plan is pineapple. This fruit is low in calories and energy density but it is rich in vitamin C which makes it perfect for weight loss. Pineapples also help the body burn more fat and they boost the metabolism.
Pineapple diet
Nowadays, this pineapple diet is considered to be the most efficient because it can help you lose even 5 kg in just three days. This diet should not be consumed more than 5 days because your body needs other nutrients that come from different sources such as proteins and minerals. The pineapple diet is very simple and easy. Just follow these steps:
Breakfast is the most important meal, so you should eat 2 slices of pineapple and one slice of bread. Around noon drink homemade pineapple juice which you can prepare by boiling pineapple bark for about 20 minutes. Then, leave the juice to cool down, strain the liquid and drink it.
Eat 200 grams of chicken breast seasoned with mustard and salt. As a dessert you can consume up to 3 slices of pineapple.
As a snack you can choose several slices of pineapple or some non-fat yogurt.
Prepare vegetable puree with carrot, leek and asparagus for dinner. You can also eat some chicken, lettuce and pineapple. As a dessert you can also eat up to 3 slices of pineapple
Note: You can eat fish instead of chicken. It is extremely important not to do any physical exercise while on this diet regimen. Once you finish the diet continue eating a healthy and balance diet to prevent returning to your previous weight.

Are YOU drinking enough water?

It’s shaping up to be another summer of record-breaking high temperatures and the news media is beginning to sound like a broken record, too – over and over again we’re reminded to keep ourselves well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. But it’s an important message – not just during a heat wave, but also throughout the year because water serves so many critical functions in the body.

I’m sure you will agree that there’s nothing more refreshing than a nice ice-cold glass of water. Despite this, most of us don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. By depriving ourselves of the world’s most natural resource, we are continuously damaging our bodies. If you experience any of the following, you can improve your situation with a refreshing glass of water.

1. Your Mouth is Dry

This seems pretty obvious, but the ramifications might not be so. Of course, any time you feel that sticky, nasty feeling in your mouth, you’d obviously reach for some sort of liquid. But sugary drinks are only a temporary solution to a larger problem. Drinking water lubricates the mucus membranes in your mouth and throat, which will continue to keep your mouth moist with saliva long after that first sip.

2. Your Skin is Dry

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so of course it needs to stay hydrated. In fact, dry skin is one of the earliest signs of full-on dehydration, which can lead to much larger problems. A lack of water means a lack of sweat, which leads to a body’s inability to wash away excess dirt and oil accumulated throughout the day. If you want to stave off breakouts, your first recourse should be to drink more water.

3. You’re Overly Thirsty

We went over dry mouth already, but thirst goes beyond a desert-like tongue. Anyone who’s ever had a hangover can tell you that, upon waking up, your body just can’t get enough water. Alcohol dehydrates the entire body, and drinking water sends “YES PLEASE!” signals to the brain until your fluid levels get back to baseline. Listen to what your body is telling you; it knows what it’s talking about!

4. Your Eyes Are Dry

By now it should be clear that drinking water affects more than just your mouth and throat. A lack of water intake leads to dry, bloodshot eyes (again, think of that last pounding hangover). Without water in the body, your tear ducts dry up. If you’re thinking “So what if I can’t cry?” realize that this could cause much more harm to your eyes, especially if you wear contacts on a daily basis.

5. You Experience Joint Pain

Our cartilage and spinal discs are made up of about 80% water. This is an absolute necessity to keep our bones from grinding against each other with every step we take. By keeping your body hydrated, you ensure that your joints can absorb the shock of sudden movements, such as running, jumping, or falling awkwardly.

6. Your Muscle Mass Decreases

Your muscles, also, are comprised mostly of water. Obviously, less water in the body means less muscle mass. Drinking water before, during, and after a workout not only keeps you hydrated and comfortable, it also brings water to the right places in your body, and decreases the chance of developing inflammation and soreness related to exercise and weightlifting.

7. You Stay Sick Longer

Drinking water allows your body to continuously flush out toxins. Your organs work to filter our certain waste products like a machine, but if you don’t fuel the machine with water, it cannot work properly. What ends up happening in a dehydrated body is organs start to pull water from stored areas like your blood, which leads to a whole new set of problems.

10 Signs Indicating that Your Partner no Longer Loves You, Never Let the # 9

All the everyday little details can show you whether your partner feels the same way for you. These small details can also show you what you usually do not want to realize, which is that the love that you once felt for each other is no longer present.
These small details are very important for each relationship because they determine whether the relationship will work or will break as soon as they appear, which is why it is crucial that you do not ignore them.
In this article we will show you 10 signs that will help you determine if your partner still feels the same way about you. Do not ignore them!

No longer demonstrate love before
If you notice that your partner shows no interest in you and all he does is trying to impress some other person, then maybe it is time for you to move on, because the love here is over. The best thing to do in such situations is to focus on yourself.
Always thinking of something else
This sign is very easy to notice. Therefore if you notice that your partner is no longer interested in you and his/hers mind and hear are elsewhere it is time to have the talk and decide what to do next. We suggest you focus on yourself.
No conversation topics
If your partner has no interest in your life and you do not have any common topics to talk about, then let us break it to you – you are no longer interested in each other. We suggest you go separate ways.
Your partner always blames you for everything that happens
If your partner is always blaming you for everything that happens, then probably the best thing you can do is leave him/her.
You no longer support each other
Your partner cannot longer stand to be around you in any circumstance, he is annoyed by you and he mistreats you and everything you do is not good enough for him, if this is the case with you then you should probably leave him because you deserve better.
Always has an excuse for not being at home
Is he always working, going on business trips, traveling, playing games and drinking with his friends and never takes you with him? If this is the case, then we have bad news for you. He no longer loves you and probably has another woman in his life.
You are no longer in your partners plans
If everything they have ever dreamed for is broken and they have plans for their future and you are not in it, then it is probably the best to end the relationship and go separate ways.
Your partner is disrespectful towards you
Did your partner forget about all those beautiful moments you spent together, and yet remembers only the ones that made you suffer? If so then, your trying to repair the relationship is worthless and you need to brake it off immediately.
He/she does not give you any explanations
In such situations, usually your partner does not consider you as a part of his life and thereby he thinks that he should not give you any explanations for the things that he does. You simply do not matter. So why be with him?
You hate and you hurt yourself
By lying, cheating, not talking to you, not telling you everything, he is hurting you and he is making you hate yourself. At this point you must know that the love is over. Leave him and focus on yourself. You deserve it!
Last but not least, make sure that you share this article! You may be helping someone in need! Thank You!

5 Signs You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

Here are 5 signs you may be a highly sensitive person:


Highly sensitive people react to certain stimuli much more strongly due to the programming in their brains – their frequencies simply pick up noises, emotions, facial expressions, and energy in much more depth than others might. For example, if you go into a grocery store or mall packed with people, you might instantly feel negative energy permeate your body, which will affect your mood and emotions. You just intuitively pick up on the collective energy of certain places, and can become easily overwhelmed by intense emotions and vibrations. As a tip, try practicing grounding techniques, such as root chakra meditations to help you feel secure and connected to source energy at all times.


As a growing child, you probably felt “different” because of your heightened sensitivity to other’s words and actions. People may have singled you out for this since it’s still a fairly uncommon trait to have. As an adult, you may have grown into your sensitivity and learned how to manage specific stimuli more effectively, but you likely still feel very unlike your coworkers and friends. However, this is nothing to be ashamed of. Empaths serve a very special purpose here on Earth, so just remember to wear your sensitivity proudly. Even if you may feel negative emotions much more deeply, think of just how happy you will feel when positive things happen in your life.


Even though 30% of HSPs are actually extroverts, according to Dr. Aron, that means we can infer that the remaining 70% are introverts. So, most of you reading this probably identify as an introvert, meaning you feel more energized and comfortable spending time alone. As a highly sensitive person, social settings can drain you of vital energy because of the wide range of frequencies emitted by everyone in the room. You tend to absorb all of this energy, and can reenergize and find internal balance once again by reflecting on your thoughts. While introversion is not an inherent trait of all empaths, many times it just tends to go hand-in-hand. Try to do group activities that won’t overwhelm your nervous system with too many stimuli, such as yoga and meditation classes.


Many people can see others getting beat up or killed in a movie and not even bat an eye. You, however, cringe at any sign of people getting hurt, and avoid these types of programming and situations at all costs. You turn down movie invitations if others want to see anything that promotes inflicting harm on others, and you likely stick to comedies or documentaries if you do watch TV shows or movies. Violence sends your energy levels into a downward spiral, and by recognizing this, you know to greatly limit your exposure to it when possible.


Because of your innate sensitivity to everyone around you, others might see you as the go-to person to vent to and get advice from. You probably attract people quite often who have problems they can’t seem to solve, and want you to listen and help them sort through things. While you love to help people and give them the best advice you can, remember to nurture yourself as well and stand up for yourself if you feel taken advantage of by someone. You can only give so much advice before the other person must take the initiative to work on his or her own life, so don’t be afraid to politely tell them that if you start to feel overwhelmed. Source

Beautiful Skin: 6 Treatments In Which You Use Baking Soda

Baking soda can be found in almost every household because of the numerous ways it can be used. However, not many people know that baking soda is very beneficial for the skin. These are 6 ways you can use baking soda as a skin care product.
Face wash
Washing your face with baking soda can improve your skins quality. Prepare a paste by mixing 2 teaspoons of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of warm water. Apply the paste on a clean face and massage it gently with circular motion. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.
Acne prevention
Baking soda also deeply cleans and moisturizes the skin thus help prevent blackhead formation and even treats acne. Prepare a paste with baking soda and water like in the previous tip we explained. Apply it on a clean face and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.
No need to buy expensive scrubs when you can use baking soda. To prepare this scrub mix 15 grams of baking soda and 30 grams of oat flower and add 20 ml of water to them.
Foot bath
Baking soda is excellent for softening and moisturizing the skin on the feet. To prepare your foot bath take 3 liters of water and add 70 grams of baking soda. Then soak your feet for 30 minutes in the solution. Afterwards apply a moisturizing cream on your feet.
Detox bath
Detox baths are very important for beautiful, healthy and shiny skin because they help remove the toxins from the body. Add 70-140 grams of baking soda and 140 grams of Epsom salt to your bath and soak in for at least half an hour.
Nail care
Nail fungus can be efficiently eliminated using baking soda. Mix 2 parts of baking soda and 1 part of water and create a paste. Apply the paste on and around the nails and leave it for about 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure at least 2-3 times daily until the fungus is completely removed.
You can also use baking soda to cleanse your nails by sprinkling it on them and scrubbing with a brush.

How Do You Show Anger According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Everyone gets angry from time to time; we as humans can’t help but lose our temper or patience every once in a while. Maybe certain things get under your skin, like when someone mentions a touchy subject or teases you about something that you feel embarrassed or hurt about. Anger can get the best of you if you don’t know how to reign it in, however, and each zodiac sign expresses their anger a bit differently.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about how every sign in the zodiac deals with anger, and hopefully this can help you to manage any anger issues you might have and learn to deal with the situation in a more calm manner. We will also talk about which aspects of anger each sign needs to work on in order to become their best selves.



As one of the three fire signs, Aries definitely can burn you if you don’t know how to deal with them. They have a short fuse, and anger quite easily depending on the situation. They have a passion about life, and get frustrated when someone or something stands in their way. While Aries possesses a lot of great qualities, their dark side can come out to play when things don’t go their way.
While they don’t usually provoke people, others can get under their skin or rub them the wrong way pretty easily. They have a stubborn nature, and when they get the short end of the stick in life, they tend to not take things very well. Others may feel like they have to walk on eggshells around them to keep them from erupting into a fiery volcano, as an Aries will definitely let you have it if you hurt or anger them.
However, even if they get angry quickly, they will soon forget what made them mad in the first place. They are the type to forgive and forget, so don’t worry too much if you get on their bad side. They’ll come back around soon enough.


While Taurus doesn’t anger easily, you’d better watch out if you do happen to make them mad – they can become a bit passive aggressive and shut you out if you hurt them badly enough. They don’t like to admit it when someone hurts them, so you might find it difficult to even tell if you’ve hurt them in the first place. However, if they give you the silent treatment, you will know that you upset them. They especially get angry when someone lies, cheats, or betrays them in some sort of way. Most of the time, however, Taureans keep an even keel and don’t let much bother them.
When they happen to get angry, let them have their alone time, as they need some space to sort out the issues in their head. They are fiercely stubborn and independent, so they like to go off on their own when life serves them a bad hand.
They will talk things out with you when they feel ready, but make sure to let them thoroughly get out what they need to, as they usually don’t talk much. So, when angered, they will have a lot to say and will need your full attention.
Don’t expect everything to be peachy keen, however, as a Taurus usually holds grudges and finds it hard to get close to someone on the same level after they’ve betrayed them in the past.


Gemini, otherwise known as The Twins, can make your head spin if you don’t know how to deal with them or what to expect. They will say one thing and then do another, or change their mind in a heartbeat about certain issues. To say the least, Geminis can be almost impossible to understand or keep up with sometimes.
As far as their anger, though, most Geminis do not have a hot temper. If something makes them mad, they’ll express themselves, but they won’t dwell on it for too long. Geminis have a zest for life, and don’t want to spend too much time letting things get under their skin.
Geminis can talk your ear off, however, so if something makes them REALLY mad, rest assured you will hear about it for a while.
Geminis don’t like people telling them what to do or trying to control them, so if you don’t do these things, you’ll probably stay on their good side.

How To Quickly Remove Uric Acid Crystallization From Your Body To Prevent Gout And Joint Pain

Gout is a metabolic disorder, a disease in which defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis, especially in the smaller bones of the feet, deposition of chalkstones, and episodes of acute pain. The result is swelling and stiffness, and in some cases, people feel severe pain and swelling that develops in just a few hours. The main reason for gout is the uric acid overload. It appears due to inefficient waste elimination or excessive creation of it. The uric acid is a breakdown product of purines that are part of many foods. In gout, there are frequently, but not always, elevated levels of uric acid in the blood (hyperuricemia). However, only a small portion of those with hyperuricemia will develop gout.

If kidneys are unable to eliminate the uric acid, crystallization takes place and deposits around the joints, which can cause joint inflammation.
But, there are things you can do to remove uric acid yourself and improve your health condition. Change your lifestyle and diet- that’s the first thing to do. Next, you need to have proper healthy diet, rich in fresh colorful fruits and vegetables; lean meat and seafood, and whole unprocessed unenriched grains. You should reduce processed sugars such as high- fructose corn syrup, foods high in saturated fats, and alcohol.
Drink lots of water because it keeps the body hydrated and helps to eliminate toxins and the overload of uric acid. You can keep your body hydrated with water, natural juices (no added sugar); fruit infused water, and herbal teas (you can use honey to sweeten). If possible (and you must) reduce stress with easy physical routines or activities.
Here are some natural tonics in the case of gout:
• Baking soda seems to be an effective prophylaxis candidate for reducing uric acid in the body. Add half a teaspoon to one glass of water and drink it every day. Use whole teaspoon in case of a current gout attack,
• Lemon water can also help. When the body has more alkaline than acidic, the system is able to prevent numerous health conditions, and one of them is gout. The lemon water increases the alkalinity of the body, and prevents formation of uric acid crystals. Squeeze half of a lemon into 200 ml of warm water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach.
• Apple cider vinegar just like lemon increases body alkalinity. Its malic acid is effective in the disintegration of uric acid in discarding it from the body. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 200 ml of water and drink it every day, before lunch and dinner.
These are the best foods to eat in order to prevent or treat gout:
• Curcumin-found in turmeric, has a role in renal protection and is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.
• Bromelain-found in pineapples, has anti-inflammatory properties and provides analgesic effects.
• Flaxseed-thanks to its incredible beneficial properties, can reduce serum uric acid of subjects. Source

Never Use Ginger If You Have Any Of These Conditions- It Can Cause Serious Health Problems

Ginger is probably the most known plant worldwide which is considered one of the healthiest of them all. Scientists have already proven its nutritional value and the overall positive effect on the health. It is used as a spice but also as medicine in the treatment of different medical conditions.

The most efficient property ginger has is the ability to treat issues with the digestive system because of its high amounts of enzymes. It encourages the digestion of the food and the detoxification of the body.

However, even though it is very healthy, the following cases are when ginger is not recommended at any cost:
1. Blood disorders
While ginger has many positive effects on people suffering from diabetes, obesity or peripheral artery disease as it stimulates circulation; people who have hemophilia should stay away from it.
This condition is a genetic disorder where the person’s blood is not clotting properly and even the slightest paper cut could lead to bleeding to death. According to experts, the effects of medications for hemophilia are neutralized by ginger and consuming it might even have deadly consequences.
2. Taking certain types of medications
Ginger has the ability to reduce blood pressure and combining it with medications for high blood pressure can be very harmful. Also consuming ginger while taking anticoagulants, beta-blockers or insulin drugs must be avoided with no exceptions.
3. Underweight people
Ginger root is rich in fibers and stimulates the digestive enzymes. This leads to fat burning and the reduction of food cravings so if you need to gain some weight you shouldn’t consume ginger or any ginger based supplement. If you are already underweight and you take ginger you could experience menstrual irregularities, hair loss and loss of muscle mass.
4. Pregnancy
Ginger contains stimulants which support muscle health but they can also lead to premature contractions and preterm labors. The last trimester of pregnancy is the worst period to take ginger. However, some experts claim that pregnant women can take very small amounts of ginger to alleviate morning sickness. In any case, consult your doctor before you decide to consume ginger.
5. Ginger substitutes
Don’t be discouraged if you belong to any of the groups we discussed above. You can always substitute it with sweet peppers, cayenne pepper or red paprika.
Milka Raicevic, who is a famous nutritionist claims that peppers have the same effects to the one ginger has. You can consume red paprika or sweet peppers if you enjoy eating spicy food, and if you don’t you can always add them to your lemonade.