How To Permanently Eliminate Back And Neck Pain – Without Any Medications!

Nobody likes feeling pain and even though there are some types that are bearable back pain certainly isn’t one of them. This chronic condition affects people all around the world every day.

Back pain can be triggered by and infinite number of causes and the market is full of painkillers that only hide the pain without treating the cause. Taking painkillers has numerous side-effects and can cause even more harm than good. According to experts back pain includes lower, middle or upper back pain or low back pain with sciatica. Some of the conditions that could cause back pain are arthritis, degenerative disc disease and nerve and muscular problems. The usual way to treat the back pain symptoms is using pain killers.

Unfortunately back pain is very common and it affects millions of people. Some of the causes for this condition are accidents, muscle strains, sports injuries or a lifetime of bad habits. Even though each person may experience pain due to different cause, the majority of people share the same symptoms.
Back pain can affect anyone; however the following things increase your risk of having it:
  • Age
Your chances of experiencing back pain increase as you age. It usually starts in your thirties or forties and then the older you are the worse the pain.
  • Fitness
Experts claim that people who are not physically fit are more at risk of experiencing back pain
  • Genetics
Ankylosing spondylitis is a form of arthritis that affects the pain which has a genetic component. Back pain can be caused by some types of arthritis and cancer.
  • Physical injury
If you apply too much pressure on your spine while lifting, pushing or pulling objects you may also experience back pain. Improper body posture is another cause of this condition.
  • Smoking
If you are a smoker your spine discs probably aren’t getting enough nutrients. Back pain can also be caused by smoker’s cough. Smoker’s bodies take more time to recover and heal which means the back pain will last longer.
How to naturally relieve back pain
  • Consume sufficient amounts of vitamin D
  • Exercise daily
  • Get enough rest
  • Apply hot and cold compresses to the affected area
  • Quit smoking
  • Lose weight if you need to
  • Take deep breaths
  • Try to reduce stress as much as possible
  • Practice yoga
  • Stretch more often
  • Practice Pilates
  • Avoid doing activities that cause back pain
  • Try massage therapy
  • Avoid sitting too long
  • Try to keep a good posture
How to naturally relieve neck pain
  • Apply cold compresses
  • Use a hot pillow
  • Improve your sleeping posture
  • Slowly exercise your neck muscles
  • Take a relaxing shower or bath.