A Secret Has Been Uncovered: Cancer Is Not A Disease But Business!

You are about to read numerous facts related to cancer researches that you probably didn’t know. Cancer is spread all around the world and it affects everyone, old, young, man, and woman. However, it is not a disease as we all thought, it is actually a business.
A book called “World without cancer” has been prevented from being translated into many languages. Why is that?
Probably someone does not want us to know that actually there is no disease called cancer, it is just a vitamin B17 deficiency. Chemotherapy, surgery and other medications that we are forced to believe they cure cancer have so many dangerous side effects.
In the past, there was a disease called scurvy that took the lives of many people, and many people got income from it because they offered “treatment”. However, later it was discovered that this was not a disease but a simple vitamin C deficiency.
This disease can be prevented and cured if you follow these strategies:
First of all, start investigating. Have you ever heard that someone died because of scurvy? We are sure that you haven’t because it is curable. Just like scurvy, cancer can be prevented and cured by eating 15-20 pieces of apricot stone daily. This will provide you with the needed dose of vitamin B17.
Wheat buds are also effective in preventing and curing cancer. They are rich in liquid oxygen and laetrile. This matter is found in apple stones and is extracted as a form of vitamin B17.
The laetrile is manufactured in Mexico and people smuggle it in the USA since the American medicinal industry has started to implement a law that forbids the production of this compound.
The author of the book “Death of Cancer” Dr. Harold W. Manner stated that treating cancer with laetrile results in 90% success rate.
Sources of Amygdalin (Vitamin B17)
  • The seed of fruits including apple, apricot, peach, pear and prune contain the most vitamin B17
  • Beans, grains, lentil sprout, Lima beans and pea
  • Kernels such as bitter almond and Indian almond
  • Mulberries: black mulberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry
  • Sesame and linseed
  • Oats, barley, brown rice, millet and rye
  • Brewer’s yeast, rough rice and sweetmeat pumpkin


Apricots (kernels/seeds)
– Seeds from other fruits like apples, cherries, peaches, prunes, plums, pears
– Lima beans
– Fava beans
– Wheatgrass
– Almonds
– Raspberries
– Elderberries
– Strawberries
– Blackberries
– Blueberries
– Buckwheat
– Sorghum
– Barley
– Millet
– Cashews
– Macadamia nuts
– Bean sprouts
All these foods contain the highest amounts of absorbable vitamin B17.
You may find it unusual to eat these seeds however think about how much dish and hand washing liquids you ingest without knowing and noticing which are much bigger cancer-causing factors.
To prevent the ingestion of dish washing liquids which are hard to rinse off, dissolve it with vinegar and hand washing liquid.
Also, avoid using dish washing liquid to wash your vegetables and fruits because even if you are using little amounts it is very hard to rinse off because the chemicals enter the tissue of the vegetables and fruits very easily.
A healthy way to wash your fruits and veggies is by soaking them in water with salt and then rinse them off with plain water. Finish with vinegar to keep them fresh.
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