It’s Not Salt or Sugar-This Is the most Harmful White Poison You Eat Daily

The poison we are talking about is sodium glutamate E621. It is used in many foods we consume every day since it is a very common ingredient added to processed foods. This compound looks a lot like salt and sugar due to its form of white crystalline powder, but it can be also found in liquid form. It is added to foods to improve the flavor due because it tastes like meat.

However, even though it tastes good, it is a very harmful ingredient that causes cravings, overeating and obesity and it affects the brain the same way drugs do.

It also has negative effects on the taste receptor genes because it is easily absorbed by the blood. Foods that contain most of this harmful ingredient are sausages, chips, canned foods, instant soups, beer etc. For an adult the allowed daily dosage is 1.5 grams but for children less than half a gram.

Every year more than 200 000 tons of this additive are used all around the world. Sodium glutamate overdose causes dizziness, migraine, hormonal imbalance, chest pain, dizziness, nausea etc. It was first discovered in 1907 by Ikeda Kikunae who noticed that it improves the taste especially of canned, frozen and fast food. Besides being harmful for the health, it also causes addiction to processed foods such as chips, instant meals, sweets etc.

In one study, mice were given sodium glutamate which caused vision loss. Even though it is proven to be unhealthy, manufacturers still add it to the food because it causes sales increase and lower cost. Always pay attention when buying food, read the labels carefully and try to use more natural spices which are a much healthier alternative.