Heart Breaking Tragedy

We were in the college when my friend fell in love with that girl. It was her first day at college when we actually met her. My friend Akash was attracted towards her as she was most beautiful girl in that college. He wanted to talk to her but as we were senior to her we were in different classes.

It was so strange that he had such feelings for her. As it is said,' love at first sight', yes the same thing had happened in his case too. He was in love with her. 

After few days we however managed to talk to her,she was not just beautiful but also a nice human being with a heart of gold. We came to know that her name was Shruti.

They started meeting each other frequently and soon both of them confessed they love each other. I was much more happier for my friend as he got what he had wished for.They were enjoying in there own dreamland. But life was not that easy as they had thought,all the happiness were just for a moment.

Soon they had to face many problems in there life when we came to know that Shruti was the sister of Kunal. He was our classmate but our relation with him was not so good. 

He belonged to a political background and also was our college president, he had some attitude problem. When he knew about them he was furious and took her away from college. Her family was strictly against their relation and they even locked her in the house.

It was being really difficult for them to spend a day without meeting each other. One day we got a message from her, she was thinking to run away with him. 

In that situation we also thought that it was a right thing to do as her family would never be ready for their marriage. One night he went to her house, took her and ran away. It was the biggest mistake that we did.

After few days her brother found them, there was huge fight between them. My friend Akash was badly hurt and he couldn't stop him from taking her with him. In her house her parents were planning her marriage with some other man.When I came to know about them it was really late. 

I took Akash to the hospital. He was unconscious for whole day, after one day when he opened his eyes he asked for her. I was not answerable to him. The same day Shruti was forcefully getting married to someone else.

I had no idea what to do.There in her house she was going through same problem. Her family could never understand their love so she had no other alternative left. She decided to suicide rather than getting married to some other guy. 

When she was getting ready she took poison and gave up her life.When Akash knew about this he has stoped responding to anything. He is living like a statue,there is no life in it.