10 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

Are you tired of being tired? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans report feeling tired during the day. In most cases, this issue can be attributed to lifestyle factors. Here are ten bad habits that drain your energy.

1. Dehydration

Without enough water, you blood becomes thicker and requires more effort from your heart to circulate. Blood is also less able to transport nutrients and oxygen, making you feel tired easily.

2. Going to Bed Too Late

Researchers have found that the most critical stages of sleep occur between 10pm and 1am. If you feel like hitting the snooze every morning, consider adjusting your bedtime.

3. Not Exercising

When you feel like skipping the gym because of low energy, you might want to try going anyway. Studies show that even light exercise had the unexpected effect of actually boosting energy levels.

4. Low Iron Levels

If you’re eschewing certain foods like eggs, liver and red meat, your low energy may be caused by low iron. Without adequate iron, you can’t produce enough blood cells to efficiently transport oxygen to the heart, lungs and brain.

5. High Standards

Having lofty expectations of yourself and others is tiring. It’s easy to overexert yourself in an effort to complete everything you think you should be doing. It’s important not to overburden yourself and to keep your goals reasonable.

6. Skipping Breakfast

Many people skip breakfast in an attempt to control their weight. However, doing so may undermine your entire day. After fasting all night, your body needs calories and nutrients to produce energy.

7. Standard American Diet

Processed foods are convenient if you live a busy life, but they’re actually working against you. Their highly refined and chemical-laden nature steals more nutrients from your body than it provides, which can make you feel sluggish.

8. Being a People-Pleaser

Wanting to make others happy is an admirable quality, but it can be taken too far. Trying to please everyone is mentally and physically exhausting, and meanwhile, you’re not taking any time to take care of you.

9. Clutter

As the saying goes, “A cluttered workspace makes a cluttered mind.” It takes more mental effort to find what you need amongst a sea of others, so you wear out faster.

10. Not Enough Downtime

Working hard without taking time to relax leads exhaustion and eventual burnout. Be sure to take time away from projects to focus on what you want to do.