Love and Romance Meaning:

Love and romance go hand in hand. Romance is not about pampering a woman with expensive gifts or spending money on her. It’s about creating spectacular moments of love that transcend time and leave her overwhelmed and cherished to the core. Romance is letting her feel that she is treasured and that she has a very very special place in your heart and in your life.It’s about giving her the time and attention she deserves. It’s about making her feel like the most beautiful and spectacular woman you ever met. Romancing a woman is sitting close to her, holding her hand, looking into her eyes, whispering into her ears, leaving short love notes around the house as surprise expressions of your affection. It’s about running your fingers through her hair when she keeps her head on your lap. It’s about cuddling and snuggling with her while watching movies and listening to love songs together. Romance is about turning each moment spent together into a memorable and cherished moment for an entire lifetime…. Aarti khurana