10 Best Compliments To Give To A Woman

Whether you’re looking to encourage your wife or a new girlfriend, there are several compliments to give females that will woo and wow them. By knowing what to say and when to say it, it will make it easier to make her fond of who you are as a person without coming off too intrusive. By knowing some of the best compliments you can give a woman, you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression.

1. You Look Like You Lost Weight

Every woman wants to feel skinny and she’s sure to believe that she looks slim if she’s complimented on her figure by a male. Tell her that she looks slimmer even though she doesn’t need to lose weight.

2. That Color Really Suits You

To give a woman a boost of confidence, encourage her on a shade of color that she’s wearing and point out that it’s one of your favorite on her. Tell her that she should wear the color more often and you’re sure to see it on her the following week.

3. You’re Really Smart

Every woman wants to know that she has more than just good looks, but also the brains to match. Encourage her that she’s one of the smartest women hat you’ve ever known and that you continue to learn from your conversations together. Don’t be surprised if you see her blush.

4. You Make Me Want to Be a Better Person

A woman will feel on top of the world if she feels like she’s changing it for the better. Tell her that she makes you want to be a greater person due to her morals and lifestyle, which is sure to leave a smile on her face.

5. You Stand Out From Other Women

Allow a woman to feel one of a kind by telling her that she stands out from other females that you’ve met. Whether it’s due to her personality or unique sense of humor, the compliment will allow her to feel special.

6. You’re Attractive Even Without Makeup On

If you’ve developed a strong relationship with a woman, don’t be afraid to tell her that she’s beautiful without a stitch of makeup on and that you enjoy her natural good looks.

7. Your Hair is Gorgeous

Her hair is her glory and it’s important to compliment one of the most important features of her appearance. Don’t be afraid to touch her hair while you tell her it’s completely gorgeous and that you love the way it looks.

8. You’re Easy to Talk to

You’re sure to get closer to a woman who feels comfortable talking to you, making it important to point out how easygoing she is.

9. You Have Great Taste

Keep it casual by giving a compliment about a woman’s style. Whether it’s casual or trendy, allow her to feel like she has great taste with what she wears.

10. I Love Your Cooking

If you want to have your girlfriend make you a few more homemade dinners this week, then be sure to compliment her cooking. Tell her that every recipe that she makes it truly divine and she’ll be sure to send you home with some of her dishes.