Devil Is Made From Fire

A young man who was trying to find an answer to his questions was searching for people who could answer them. He met lots of them, but neither of them could answer him. One day, he met a Indian scientist and asked him these questions:

1. Is there God. And if there is, show me his outlines.

2. What is destiny?

3. Why is it, that Devil is made from fire and he is placed in hell where everything is made from fire, he won’t feel pain. Surely, God didn’t it through?

Suddenly, the scientist slapped him in the face. The young man, not understanding, asked:

– Why did you get mad at me?

Scientist answered:

– I didn’t get mad; it was the answer to your question!

– How is it?

– What did you felt when I hit you in the face?

– Of course I felt pain!

– That means you believe that pain exists?

– Yes!

– Then show me its outline?

– I can’t!

– It’s the answer to your first question. Tell me now, did you see yesterday in your dream that I would slap you in the face?

– No.

– Did you ever think that you will be slapped by me today?

– No.

– That’s destiny. What is covering my hand that hit you in the face?

– Skin.

– And your face?

– Skin.

– Did you feel pain?

– Yes, very much!

– It’s the answer to your third question.