Mix This In Water And Drink One Glass Daily – Your Belly Fat Will Disappear In 10 Days!!!

Putting on weight can happen in a matter of a day, however, losing the same amount of weight can take months together. If you want to lose your extra pounds in a fast way without any diet then cinnamon and honey mixture is the best remedy for you.

How it works?
This mixture will help you improve your digestion, boost your metabolism and eliminate the toxins from your body. It also creates an alkaline atmosphere in your stomach which aids in the better breakdown of fat.
Cinnamon improves the assimilation of nutrients from the food and helps us feel full. It also regulates the production of insulin and the breakdown of carbohydrates.
This is truly the laziest way to lose weight. It helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism, so it will burn your calories even when you are sitting in front of your computer.
For this recipe you will need:
• 2 tsp Raw Honey
• 1 tsp Cinnamon
• 1 cup / 240 ml Water
In a bowl with boiling water add the cinnamon and stir it well. Leave the remedy to cool down and then add the honey.
Drink one glass of this mixture a day and the results will be unbelievable. After only ten days you belly will disappear.
When and how much
Make sure you have this mixture once a day (preferably in the morning) on an empty stomach.
A word of caution: This is a home remedy and should not be used instead of medical advice. Please consult your doctor before you try any home remedy. This recipe is claimed to help you shed pounds fast in a natural way.