Dying husband leaves all his wealth for maid instead of his wife… The reason will shock you.

Dying husband leaves all his wealth for maid instead of his wife…

The reason will shock you.

Gary Fischer was a successful businessman and had everything he wanted…

Big house, beautiful wife, big savings...

He was in the prime of his life!

But one day everything changed….

Gary was diagnosed with a rare disease…

Doctors gave him the bad news…

He had only a few years left in his hand…

Ever since the diagnosis, everything changed.

Gary had to be in constant care all the time….

He couldn’t even get up from his bed without someone’s help.

His business was being handled by his assistants.

His wife stopped loving him.

Gary’s whole life basically turned upside down.

His wife cursed him all the tome…

Gary needed constant care, but his wife was out all the time.

 He had to hire a nurse for himself…

The nurse’s name was Amy.

Amy took care of Gary and the house at the same time.

Within a few months, Amy became good friends with Gary.

While Gary’s wife Miley started cheating behind his back.

Amy was devoted to her work.

She took care of everything….

From Gary’s medication to his appointments.

Soon, Gary’s situation became worse…

And his wife started treating him worse than ever.

This wasn’t the end…

Miley started bringing her lovers at home.

She slept with other men in the next room…

While Gary slept alone.

Amy was out shopping some groceries one day….

When she came back, she found Gary on the floor.

Gary’s wife was in the next room…

But she didn’t care to come and help her husband.

Amy helped Gary to get back to bed.

Amy asked Gary….

“Why do you let your wife treat you like this?”

 Gary replied…

“Amy you’ve been taking care of me almost 2 years now”

“You’ve never complained or gotten mad at me.”

“I am glad that I got a good friend in you”

“Stay humble, you’ll shine one day”

Amy and Gary had developed a very good bond between them.

Their relationship was pure.

But soon, Gary passed away.

It was Amy’s last day at work.

Since Gary was dead… Miley had fired Amy.

She was packing her stuff.

Before Amy was just about to leave the house, a lawyer came.

The lawyer was there to read Gary’s will and his last wishes.

The lawyer started reading Gary’s will…

“As for my 10,000 square foot house in LA and my cars”

“…they should go to my wife Miley Fischer”

Miley was so happy to hear it…

But what happened next shocked everyone…

 The lawyer continued…

“As for my savings account worth $1.3 Billion”

“They should go to my friend, Amy Taylor!”

Miley’s face changed….

“What?!! Amy?”, she shouted.

“You must be reading something wrong”

“Read again!”

The lawyer said,

“Mam! I am reading the will of your husband”

“These are not my words. Kindly let me continue”

The lawyer continued…

“As for my company, Amy will inherit it”

“I make Amy the sole owner of the company”

Miley’s face was red with anger.

But she couldn’t do anything other than listening to the lawyer.

Gary had left a note before He passed away…

The lawyer started reading it…

It said,

“To Amy, the lady I hired to take care of me…”

“You became my best friend and my guardian angel during my last years”

 “I can’t express the love and appreciation I have for you”

“You truly are a generous, kind and welcoming person”

“You were the only person who gave me hope when no one cared”

“Thank you so much for everything”

“Always remember what I said…”

“Stay humble, you will shine”

“This is my departing gift for you”

“Continue being kind!”

“To Miley, My wife for 10 years”

“I can’t describe in just one letter how painful my memories were with you”

“I have no words to leave for you”

“I left the house and the cars for you only for one reason”

“You’ve always cursed them”

It’d be a sin to give them to someone else”

“I’m happy I departed from your presence”

“May you make the best of the rest of your life”

Miley’s head hung down in shame.

Tears streamed down Amy’s face as she remembered her old friend Gary…

Amy spent most of Gary’s wealth in charitable works.

While Miley…

She stayed with the house and the cars.