This story is a true example of….“Never judge a book by its cover.”

A beautiful young woman was going for a job interview at a big company.

She was confident that she would get the job.

She was waiting in line at the reception for her call to the interview.

While she was waiting….

A young man approached her and asked,

“What time is it?”

The man looked exhausted.

He looked poor as he was wearing casual clothes.

The woman replied with a frowning face,

“11 AM”

The man asked the women…

“Do you have some water”

“I’m really thirsty”

The woman replied, “Sorry, I don’t”

The man’s appearance disgusted her.

The man asked the woman for a favor…

“Can I borrow your mobile to make a call?”

“I can’t find my mobile”

The woman looked at the man and said,

“I know your cheap tactics”

“It’s just a trick to get my phone number”

“Get out of my face”

The man looked carefully at the woman for a second.

He didn’t say anything and sat in the next seat.

The woman kept staring at the man in disgust…

She thought to herself…

“He must be a clerk or cleaner in this office”

“How dare he try to hit on me…”

She even took out a bottle and drank some water.

Apparently, she had water with her…

But she just didn’t wanna share it with the man.

Soon the woman was called for the interview.

4 men took the preliminary interview.

She passed the first interview with ease.

Now it was time for her for the final interview.

The CEO of the company especially wanted to interview the woman in the final round.

A secretary escorted the woman to the CEO’s cabin.

As she opened the door…

She was shocked by what she saw.

It was the same man she met in the reception room.

He was not any clerk or cleaner….

He was the CEO of the company she applied for the job.

The woman said sorry for her mis behavior earlier.

The man replied,

“It’s okay.”

“People easily judge others by their appearance”

“It’s only normal”

“Looks and appearance can be deceptive”

“But the heart of a person can’t lie”

“You are qualified for the position”

“But you won’t be hired”

“Because I want people who are qualified as a human first”

“And then those who are qualified for the job”

“Feel free to come back again next year when you’re a better human being”

The girl left the cabin in shame.

This story is a true example of….

“Never judge a book by its cover.”