What The Shape Of Your Chin Reveals About Your Personality

Can you tell just by looking at someone if they’re likely to cheat? Who is the biggest gossip? What does your chin type tell others about you? Face reading has been in practice going as far back as ancient China. Here’s the scoop on what the shape of your chin says about you.

The Six Chin Types

1 Square Chin

People with square chins are often thought of as very attractive (think of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie); however, they can also be extremely stubborn. If you have a square chin, you probably get straight to the point in your conversations, and you don’t try to hide what you’re thinking. A person with a square chin is less likely to compromise when it comes to getting what they want; this can make them hard for others to deal with.

2 Short and Narrow Chin

If you have this type of chin, you may be more sensitive than other people. Unkind words sting and the world can seem like a tough place to you, but you aren’t afraid to let others know when you’re ticked off. This chin type has a tendency to be hot-tempered and fiery. They can also be a lot of fun in social settings, as long as nobody pushes their buttons. Watch what you say around them because they love to gossip.

3 Protruding or Jutting Chin

People with jutting chins have lots of energy. They tend to be confident going into new situations, and they can be forceful at work. This tendency to have a high drive and goal-orientation makes them excellent in leadership roles, but it can also make them come off as pushy. People with this chin type may be habitual flirts that tend to cheat on their partners.

4 Round Chin

If you have a round chin, it’s believed that you make a great friend. That’s because you always offer support to those around you. You’re understanding, kind and family oriented. You work hard, but you also know how to have a good time. You’re a team player and enjoy being part of the team more than being in a leadership role.

5 Long Chin

People with long chins tend to be artistic and expressive. They’re also faithful, caring and sympathetic. If you go to them with a problem, they genuinely care about helping you in your time of need. Not surprisingly, people with this chin type tend to make friends easily anywhere they go.

6 Weak or Receding Chin

A person with a receding chin is considered to have the opposite personality of someone with a protruding chin. They may have a tendency to be weak-willed. Following through on projects to completion doesn’t come naturally to them. However, if you have a weak chin, you also have a talent for diplomacy and compromise, making you the peacemaker in difficult situations.

According to the practice of face reading, the type of chin a person has reveals their inborn tendencies. However, with a little effort, it’s always possible to counter the characteristics that you don’t like. Regardless of which type of chin you have, always remember to hold it up high and be proud of what makes you unique.