10 Seemingly Small Things That Mean the World to Women

Are you baffled by your beloved’s behavior? Grandiose gifts leave her lukewarm. Your professions of love seem to fall on deaf ears. It’s got you scratching your head in confusion. What’s a guy to do? Learn the little things that capture a woman’s heart and confirm she’s a special lady. Here we present small things that mean the world to women and why.

1. Hold her hand.
There are two reasons why holding her hand sends her over the moon. One is scientific, and the other is romantic. Research proves that holding hands reduces stress. MRIs show a significant reduction in stress-related brain activity with hand-holding. That’s the scientific reason she loves it so much. The romantic reason is that this spontaneous gesture reflects the genuine state of your heart. So squeeze a little hand-holding into her day. Reach for her hand while having dinner, watching TV, or just walking together. Then get ready for a beaming smile to shine your way.
2. Listen without trying to fix what’s wrong.
When she’s struggling with a problem, you naturally want to fix it. Men are wired this way. But she doesn’t necessarily want a solution, or at least not just yet. She wants to feel better. Listening with empathy will help her sort out conflicting emotions and thoughts. Then she’ll set her sights on a solution. Talking about the problem is her strategy for fixing it. She’ll get to the answer eventually. Meanwhile, just listen attentively.
3. Give her compliments.
Compliments convey your appreciation. They make her feel valued and special. Here are five sample compliments for a five-star partner rating:
  • “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You’re saying she’s irreplaceable. You need her. She’s vital to your very life.
  • “You are my sunshine.” Acknowledging how happy she makes you will send her spirits soaring.
  • “You’re perfect just the way you are.” This conveys your unconditional love. She doesn’t have to do or be anything specific for you to adore her.
  • “I’m so proud of you.” Paying attention to your partner’s achievements demonstrates your support. It’s another way to validate her.
  • “I love your new [hairstyle, dress, lipstick,” etc. Fill in the blank.] This shows you’re attentive to details and to her.
4. Compliment her in front of others.
Now you’re talking! Why does this mean so much? You’ve got your girl on your arm. You’re proud of her. Public praise is a nod to her greatness. It’s the highest form of flattery. She may blush with all the fuss, but secretly, she’ll love it. By the way, your ability to do this speaks volumes about your manliness. You’re confident enough to let her star in the spotlight. Kudos to you!
5. Be her knight in shining armor.
Be a gentleman. Pull the chair out for her at a restaurant. Hold the door open. Offer your jacket when she’s cold. These kind gestures will crown you the king of her heart.

6. Ask her advice.
Asking for suggestions shows you value her intelligence. By requesting her wisdom, you honor her mind. You’re saying she’s one smart cookie. Go to the head of the class!
7. Say these two power-packed words – “I understand.”
This short phrase goes a long way in shoring up closeness. It eases stress. These words are empathetic. You’ve put yourself in her shoes. You sense what she’s feeling. She’ll fall more deeply in love with you each time you say these words. “I understand.”
8. Surprise her with your thoughtfulness.
Surprise your sweetie with an unexpected gift or gesture. It will spark the joy in your relationship. Here are some suggestions:
  • Send her flowers at work though there’s no special occasion.
  • Buy a vial of her favorite perfume. Gift-wrap it yourself, and place it on her pillow.
  • Purchase a gift certificate to her favorite salon.
  • Create a pampering gift basket with fragrant soaps, bath gels, and lotions.
  • Do the laundry while she’s out of the house. Surprise her with clean clothes!
  • Have dinner ready when she gets home from work. Set the table, too. Add some pizzazz with a bouquet or candles. Set the stage for romance.
9. Say these words in a heartfelt way – “Thank you.”
Acknowledge the things she does for you and the family. Give her credit for her efforts. She cooks, cleans, and keeps you on schedule. Tell her how grateful you are. Being appreciated will go straight to her heart. Saying “thank you” means more than you might know.
10. Help her relax.
Doing things to help her relax shows you care for her well-being. Here are some suggestions:
  • Give her a massage.
  • Play her favorite music.
  • Hug and cuddle.
  • Clean up the kitchen after dinner.
  • Draw her a bubble bath.
  • Arrange a sleep-over for the kids at another person’s home.
The Secret
No doubt you’ve noticed a theme in the above gestures. They all have one thing in common: validation. Each small act makes a significant impact on her self-esteem. Each token of affection makes her feel special. So now you know the secret for why small things mean so much to your sweetie. They demonstrate your love. Your love means everything.