8 Tips to Overcome Loneliness, A Guide for Women

Loneliness can be frightening. While some people enjoy being single, its difficult for others to get through this. Loneliness can have severe effects on your mental health, even leading to depression and anxiety. Many think that single people are lonelier than others, but the American Psychological Association states married women are actually lonelier and more stressed than women who are single. Loneliness can be avoided by doing simple things. Here is a list:

1. Take time for yourself
The best way to avoid loneliness is to spend time making yourself a better person with each passing day. Focus on what you want to change and work on self-improvement. Spend time doing what matters to you like time with family, career, and hobbies. Doing what you love will uncover new traits in your personality.

2. Analyze your loneliness
Loneliness is a feeling, not a fact. Our brain pays more attention to pain and danger so it gives more attention to feelings of loneliness. Its important to make yourself believe that you are not actually lonely. Surround yourself with people who support you and love you.

3. Get enough sleep
One of the biggest indicators of loneliness is lack of sleep. When we feel lonely we sometimes beat ourselves up emotionally questioning our life and choices. This overthinking can keep us awake. Lack of sleep during the night makes you feel sleepy during the day. Moreover, lack of sleep deteriorates mood and worsens feelings of loneliness. If you are not able to sleep involve yourself in physical activities and make yourself tired. Avoid overthinking.

4. Watch movies
It might sound strange but watching movies can help you combat loneliness. Movies entertain, inspire, and motivate us, helping us to believe that everything becomes right eventually. Watching movies helps us forget our sorrows and takes us to a different world. Watching people overcome problems on-screen and relating to them can give us strength and make us ready to fight our negative feelings. When you are choosing movies pick ones that make you feel better, not worse.

5. Make new friends
When we feel lonely, we often refrain from making new friends and starting new relationships. The main reason for this avoidance of social activity is fear of rejection. This is an incorrect approach. Whenever you feel lonely go out and make new friends. Interacting with new friends reduces the burden of previous relationships and gives you positive energy. New friends give us something to look forward to.

6. Meditate more
Meditation is a healthy practice with many benefits. Meditation drains negative thoughts from our mind and fills it with sparkling new energy. Meditation brings you closer to yourself and helps you become your own best friend.

7. Pursue your hobbies
Nothing is more relaxing and satisfying than doing what you love. Do what you love doing and enjoy it thoroughly. Cook more, travel more, dance out loud, read, play games, whatever you want. Doing things you love is a huge stress buster and helps get rid of negative feelings and loneliness.

8. You are never lonely
Even if there is no one in your life, you are not completely alone because God is always with you. No matter what name you call Him, He is always there to shower blessings on you and take the responsibility of making things right in your life.