According To Buddha, These are the Four Elements of "True Love"

Love is a very powerful feeling that we are all able to relate too. In fact, love has proven to be the answer to a majority of the worlds problems, if only they had time to sit down and actually think about it for a moment.
Nevertheless, we can all still individually make our way to finding our own meaning of "true love".
A majority of us have a really hard time understanding what true love really is. It's fickle, it's cruel, it's warm, it's lovely, etc. True love is an anomaly that we are all slowly figuring out as we make our way through this strange thing called life. One of the best things we can do in order to understand what true love really is, is to listen to someone who's experienced it all before.
Buddha has four key components of "true love" that we should all consider learning from his lessons of the world.

1. Practice Inclusiveness

If you are able to give to others without needing anything in return, then this is a good practice to start understanding the meaning of "true love". True love requires you to be able to give selflessly to others, never be greedy, and demonstrate your abilities in how you can benefit others by just being yourself.
Not everyone is a master at this, and it can take quite some time to get the hang of, but you will be one step closer to understanding the truth.

2. Practice Joy

Joy is one of the most contagious emotions in the entire world. It can lead to others feeling just as joyful as you are. Practice enjoying yourself in your daily routine. This is a good start to understanding what it means to have true love.
Never give in to negative thoughts and always try your best to put a smile on other peoples' faces. You might be surprised just how rewarding it really is to make others happy.

3. Practice Compassion

Being compassionate about the things that you love to do is one of the most crucial elements in finding your meaning of "true love". If you are able to display your pride over the things that you love doing, then you are one step closer to understanding what "true love" really means.

Not everyone has this drive to be passionate about something. More often than not people have a hard time finding something to be passionate about to begin with. Start slow and think of the things that make you happy. There, you will find your passion.

4. Practice Kindness

Last but not least, practicing kindness. In order to truly understand the meaning of "true love" then you are going to have to practice being kind, not only to others, but yourself as well. If you learn how to be kind to the world around you, you will see a tremendous shift in your life. You will see just how amazing everything can be.
Spreading love and kindness is one of the most valiant efforts that any human being could do. The world knows we need it now more than ever.
Buddha has a variety of other lessons on how to deal with coping with your emotions. But understanding true love is one of the most essential lessons that we must all come to learn. Sooner, rather than later.