Ever Wondered Why Ceiling Fans In India have 3 Blades Whereas US has 4-5 Blade Fans?

Why do Indian ceiling fans have only three blades, while the ceiling fans in the US have 4 or 5 blades? There is a very specific and direct reason behind it. Read on to know.
In the US, which is colder than India, the sole purpose of a ceiling fan is to use as a supplement to the air conditioner. The fans with 4 / 5 blades works slower than the one with 3 blades and generally have a maximum of 3 speed settings. It serves the purpose of keeping air circulation in the room by spreading the air from the A.C’s to the whole of the room. More blades means more air flow but at the loss of more amount of energy.
While in India, owing to the economical aspect, many families use fans as the only source of cooling. A three blade fan is lighter and have about 5-6 speed settings, it can move at a high speed; hence, it can give more cooling than a four blade fan. These fans are also energy efficient than 4 / 5 blade fans.