4 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women

When it comes to men and women falling in love with each other, they try their very best to think of every possible little thing that they need in order for them to be happy.

However, there are just some certain things that men have a hard time understanding when it comes to the personal needs of their lady or just the women in their lives in general.


Allow me to kick this off with discussing periods. Men are both extremely fascinated by them and are also extremely terrified by them. Most of the time, men do their best to be considerate when asking questions, trying not to ask the wrong thing, but as soon as you start explaining to them how everything works, they start to shut down and no longer want to listen. In fact, it is known for all men that they stay far away from a woman who is PMSing.


Another thing that guys rarely get most of the time is that not every single female is going to be uptight. Some girls actually like to make obscene jokes sometimes and can be very clever with their sense of humor.

Some guys think that a girl only needs to be satisfied sexually and emotionally. This is not the case. Often times they think women are too dainty to actually take a joke at all. Do not fear expressing your humor to each other.

Clothing Options

A majority of the women I know all have this same problem: They cannot explain why they need to have so many clothes in their life. Men have a horrible time understanding that women do not like to wear the same outfit twice in a row in the same week or have to find the perfect outfit despite having 100 articles of clothes.

What it boils down to is that women are very particular in the way they look and will not go anywhere until they look perfect. So, please, be patient and let your girl do her thing.

Good Memory

Men love this quality in a woman but also despise it at the same time. A girl who has impeccable memory can remember the tiniest details, important information, and various other things about their relationship that provide them with ammo whenever they need to use it.

Men really like a girl who remembers these little things but can also really hate it too when him and his woman get into an argue with each other. Memory is everything!

Hopefully this little guide has taught some men and women as to how they don't fully understand each other.