No one is perfect in this world

'No one is perfect... that's why pencils have erasers.'

Sorry I'm not perfect but I'm not fake either.

“Perfection is a goal that will forever remain impossible for any human being to achieve. Therefore, the only achievable goal is to only strive to become the best that you can possibly be.”― Edmond Mbiaka

Everybody's got regrets. Everybody's made mistakes. Nobody's perfect. 

I'm not perfect, but I'd like to be perfect. I'm working on it. 

I understand that I'm not perfect. I made mistakes and I had a hand in everything that's happened to me, good and bad. 

I know I'm not perfect & will never become. Yet, I'm proud of being Me, with all humility & imperfections. Cause this is the only life I have. 

Her husband always criticised her cooking...What she did next was an eye-opener.