5 Signs He’s Serious With You

In dating world, Men can play cool at first and its hard to know if his serious with you or not, below are signs that he’s really into you a lot, enjoy!

1. He calls you Like Every time.

If a guy calls you anytime or like when you expect his call that’s a sign his into you, he will call you in the morning, mid-day and during nights to wish you good night, shows how much he cares for you.

2. He wants to see Like Every time.

As for me when am interested on someone, I will do anything just to see them, Even when am so held up, I will get time for her, so if any guy wants to see you as often as he wants he’s really into you.

3. He Gets Jealous When your with other guys.

Jealousy is one thing that shows someone cares about you, so long as his not possessive. So when he gets jealous and starts asking about who those guys are or what you are to them is a good signs He wants to be with you and his serious about you.

4. He talks a lot about you to his friends.

You know how hard men can be to talk about their woman, so If all he talks about when his with friends is about you then you should be lucky cause his serious about you.

5. He spends His Free Time With you Mostly.

Most men will go out on weekends to have fun, it takes that serious man who wants to be with you to spend his quality free time, even when he has no time, he will find one for you .