7 Things You Must Remember When You Love A Creative Person

It is no secret that the brains of creative people work differently from that of those who are more predisposed to other personality types. It is also no secret that creative people can be a challenge for a non-creative individual to be in a relationship with; I certainly can recall a few friendships and potential relationships that have tanked in my life because of the difference in how certain brain types function.

However, that is not to say a relationship with a creative type cannot work. In fact, once you figure out a few things about what makes us tick, you’ll find creative people have a whole lot of love to give.

And so begins my list of seven things to keep in mind if you are in love with a creative person.

1. Our minds don’t stop

This can be quite exhausting but ultimately, it keeps us going. Our minds are always bouncing from task to task, rarely finishing one project without already having a rough idea of where the next one will lead us.
This constant distraction does not mean we don’t care about the people around us – it also doesn’t necessarily mean we are trying to throw ourselves into work as a means of escaping our lives. Creativity, 24/7 simply drives us.

2. Expect highs – and lows

The mood cycles of a creative individual can be a bit hard to keep up with, but really, creativity is a cycle full of highs, lows and even plateaus – none of which are permanent. In fact, as you spend more time with your creative partner you may find that you begin to predict the changes as they happen.

3. We need alone time

This characteristic tends to cause quite a bit of conflict in relationships. However, don’t take it personally if your creative partner periodically disappears into their own little world. Even when we are far away from our tools, our mind is constantly working and looking for new ways to do things. Again, this does not mean you are not stimulating enough for us. A respectful, creative partner will be able to split their time and mind power fairly between their lover and their craft.

4. We feel deeper than most

What some people might be able to brush off without much thought, creative individuals get hung up on for days. Things people say to me tend to stick for ages until I write about them, or they wind up in a song in one way or another. This sensitivity is something to pay attention to – insults and arguments will sting more than you may realize. You can also expect that the good emotions will be so much stronger as well, with the love your creative partner feels for you being stronger than anything you know.

5. We battle ourselves

Creativity is, in many ways, an internal struggle with one’s self, experiences and motivation. Some days we come out on top and others, we can barely get out of bed. Again, this is a cycle that becomes easier to predict with time.

6. We need reassurance

Reassurance that we are on the right path with a project or even the relationship itself is always welcome. Because of our need to constantly wear our hearts on our sleeves, we are always wondering what people think of our work and, by extension, us. Support from the one person we love most can mean the world.

7. We are incredibly focused

Well, actually, we can also be incredibly scatterbrained. But the moment things all come together brings an incredible amount of focus and attention dedicated towards the creative task at hand.