In All My Life, I’ve Never Seen A Watermelon Sliced Like THIS. But Now It’s The Only Way I’ll Do It

With summer closing in, watermelon season is almost upon us. But one of the most annoying things about the delicious fruit is cutting it so the best pieces aren’t wasted.

Far too often when you slice a watermelon and try to scoop out the insides, a lot of it simply goes uneaten.

If you’re tired of wasting watermelon, there’s an easy way to serve it that will solve the problem forever.

Next time you buy a watermelon, start by slicing it in half down the middle – so you have two half of a sphere.

Then cut one half of the melon into long slivers, After that, spin the cutting board 90 degrees and cut it into a grid.

Doing this creates little watermelon pieces that you and your family can pick up and eat no problem.

Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions on cutting a watermelon.

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