Discover What Your Feet Say About You

Recently we uploaded an article about how can fingers determine your personality, and this article will be about how can interesting facts about your personality be revealed with various parts of the foot. By the type of your foot you can determine your personality, so choose your type of foot and tell us if it is true!

1. The Roman Foot – The most common type of foot where the big toe is the largest and each toe descending at a 45 degree angle from the big toe. People with this type of foot are successful business people and public speakers. They enjoy being in adventure, and they enjoy discovering new things, places and cultures. They like being outside and they are well balanced. That is making them very sociable persons.
2. Very Long Toes – People with very long toes are excellent public speakers and politicians. They enjoy talking about every single topic, especially their own feelings and opinions about something.
3. Little Toe On The Side Of The Foot – Unconventional people are the ones who have little toe slightly on the side of their foot with the nail facing towards the wall. They also like everything to be according to their plan and their way which makes them rebellious.
4. Narrow Base On The Second Toe – Very expressive people are the ones with this type of foot – if the second toe has a narrow base that widens as it reaches the top of the toe. Most of the times they are very positive and in good mood, and when you are around them you can’t be sad because they will make you see that in the world there is still light. Although leave them alone if you notice that they are nervous or sad.
5. The Greek Foot – Also known as the flame foot is the type of foot when the second toe is significantly larger than the big toe. This type of foot is usually seen on artists, athletes, public speakers and innovators. They are really creative and they enjoy motivating other people. They are very enthusiastic and very sporty. What can lead to problems is that people with this type of foot tent to look before they leap.
6. Hard Skin On The Edge Of The Heel – This type of foot indicates that the person is feeling insecure and that it wants to change something in their lives.
7. Large Toe Pads – People who have this type of foot are deep thinkers that like to consider things very carefully.
8. Gap Between the Second and Third Toe – Is there is a gap between your second and third toe? If there is then that means that you prefer to keep your emotions separate from anything that you are doing. That means that people with this type of foot are usually seeking for a job that they need to be emotionally detached. That gap is also indicating one more thing and that is that you don’t like what are you doing and in order to be happier you need to reconsider your role in life.
9. The Square Foot – When all toes are almost same length, even the big toe then that is known as square foot also known as the Peasant foot. People who have this type of foot as a result of tendency to weight their options very carefully before making a decision they are practical and reliable.
10. Tilted Third Toe – If the middle toe on the foot is tilted slightly so that the tail points towards the little toe it indicates that the person likes to be in control of situations and this people are also well organized.
11. Ability To Separate the Little Toe – You will need at least 10 seconds of your life in order to check if you have this ability – stretch your foot and that way it will become more flexible and spread out all of the toes. Can you separate the little toe from the fourth toe? – In case you can then that indicates that in order to be happy in life you need constant change. That means that people with this ability hate routines but they love adventures. They get bored very easily and that is why they need constant change in their lives.
12. The Stretched Foot – If the big toe is larger than the other toes and taps slightly as it reaches the top then that foot is called stretched food. It has long and thin appearance. People who have this type of foot are hiding their feelings, and they have strange changes in their mood.
13. Unable to Separate the Little Toe – There is no need to explain this because we already mentioned this ability, so if you can’t separate your little toe from the fourth toe you are a person that in order to feel safe and secure you need routine. Very loyal friends that many people can depend on are people who cannot separate the little toe which makes them reliable and trustworthy.
Other Variations
– People with swollen feet are having troubles with expressing their feelings
– Cracked heels are indicators that the person is able to deal with any kind of situation
– If the toes on the foot lean towards the little toe is indicator that the person is always in a hurry
– If the toes lean towards the big toe is indicator that the person tent to hang onto the past
There is no other way to find out whether this is true or not, expect you find out the shape of your foot and to compare your personality with the one we have mentioned about your type of foot. Feel free to write down comments whether it is true for yourself or not.