15 Interesting Tips & Hacks To Make Life A Little Bit Easier!

What exactly is a “life hack”? It’s any simple tip you might stumble upon that changes your life or at least some aspect of it. It’s basically a trick that will help make life easier.

#1. At a restaurant? Wash your hands after ordering. The menu is generally the dirtiest thing you can touch!
#2. If you want to sound sick over the phone, lie on your back while hanging your head over the edge of the bed. You’ll sound congested.
#3. Love to play music while working? Play a video game soundtrack. They are designed to work as background music and not disrupt your focus.
#4. If your girlfriend catches you looking at another woman, turn to her and say “I’m glad you don’t dress like that.”
#5. Getting her a gift? Tell her you got her something and have her guess what it is. She’ll list things she’s been wanting!
#6. Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes.
#7. Don’t small talk with people when you’re asking them for help. It shows that you only care when you need something from them. Be honest and get straight to the point.
#8. If you drop your phone, gently kick it with your foot before it hits the ground. The energy will transfer to lateral momentum and save it from destruction.
#9. When studying something new, teach a friend about it. Let them ask questions. If you can teach something well, then you understand it well.
#10. When reading reviews online always look for the 3/5 reviews. These are usually the most truthful and unbiased.
#11. When someone smells good, it automatically makes them more attractive.
#12. If you’re an introvert, when going to a party where you don’t know a lot of people, go a bit earlier. With less people you’ll be more likely to connect with some folks.
#13. If you want to buy the cheapest airline tickets online , use your browser’s incognito mode.
#14. If you want to buy a car, do it at the end of the month, when a salesperson has to meet their quota. They will likely cut you a deal.
#15. If you have a tough decision: Flip a coin — Not to decide for you, but you’ll realize what you really want when it’s in the air. Source