Man Tries To Impress Blonde Woman By Insulting A Waitress. Her Response? EPIC.

(So picture this i’m a male customer standing in line behind a stuck up man and a beautiful blonde woman that he’s desperately trying to chat up, but he’s failing miserably. The server is a young girl who appears to be new at a her job).

Obnoxious Man: “Excuse me! I ordered skinny, non-sugar orange mocha chip Frappuccino! This isn’t skinny, AND there’s no whipped cream on it!”

Barista: “My apologies sir, let me get that sorted for you.”

Obnoxious Man to the blonde woman: These guys screw EVERYTHING up, it’s about time they got something right.”

Barista: “Here you are sir, one skinny, non-sugar, orange mocha chip Frappuccino.”

Obnoxious Man: “You must be f***ing retarded!? This is a plain mocha. I wanted an orange chip mocha Frappuccino. Get it f***ing right you idiot.”

On the verge of tears the young girl makes the coffee again.

Blonde woman: In a strong London accent* WILL YOU STOP BEING A JERK! The poor girl has made the coffee perfect, I watched her do it. She’s clearly new at her job and you are just a bully. Cut her some slack.

Obnoxious Man: Excuse me love, but I want what I asked for! How is that hard to do?

Blonde woman: “Real men drink real coffee. They don’t waste their precious time bullying young girls in coffee shops. Now if you’re done with being a prick, can you please remove yourself, thank you kindly.”

Everyone in coffee shop applauded her, and the man left looking a deep shade of red. I paid for the blonde woman’s coffee, and found out she was also from London. I asked her to marry me this week, and guess what? She said yes! And that’s how we met.

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