How to Know if He Loves You

A man who truly loves you is transparent about it… there’ll be no wondering if he does or he doesn’t… If a man loves you, one way or another he will let you know it… if not with his words then in his actions. He won’t argue with you about your trivial complaints… he’ll spare time for you no matter how busy he is… he will like your jealous possessiveness and find it cute… he’ll remember important dates like anniversaries and birthdays… he will always try to make you smile whenever you are sad… he will want to share everything with you – his time, his dreams, his secrets… he will think of you first thing in the morning and last thing at night… But most important of all…. he will never leave you feeling alone, unwanted or sad. If a man truly loves you – you will know it because it will be in everything that he is and everything that he does……Neena Gupta