Woman Demands Thief Return The Money He Stole From Her, But She Never Expected THIS To Happen

Once upon a time, there was a man who was very helpful, kindhearted, and generous. He was a man who would help someone without asking for anything in return. He helps others because he wants to and he loves to. One day while walking into a dusty road, this man saw a purse, so he picked it up and noticed that the purse was empty. Suddenly, a woman and a police officer show up. They arrest the man on suspicion of theft.

The woman asked the man where he hid the money. He replied, “It was empty when I found it, Mam.”

The woman yelled at him. “Please give it back, It’s for my son’s school fees.”

The man noticed that the woman really felt sad, so he gave her all the money he had on him. He knew the woman was a single mother who was struggling.. The man said, “Take these, sorry for the inconvenience.” The woman left, and the policeman held the man for further questioning.

The woman was relieved that she recovered her money, but when she counted it, she was shocked. Her money had doubled. The man gave her twice the amount she had in her purse.

One day, while she was on her way to paying her son’s school fees, she noticed a skinny, frail man behind her. She thought that he may rob her, so she approached a policeman standing nearby. He was the same policeman, who she took along to inquire about her purse. The woman told him about the man following her, but suddenly they saw that man collapse. They ran towards him and were shocked to realize it was the same man they arrested a few days back for stealing the woman’s purse.

He looked very weak, and the woman was confused. The policeman said to the woman, “He didn’t return your money, he gave you his money that day. He wasn’t the thief but hearing about you son’s school fees, he felt sad and gave you his money.” Later, they helped man stand up, and the man told the woman, “Please go ahead and pay your son’s school fees, I saw you and followed you to be sure that no one steals your son’s school fees.” The woman was speechless.

Moral: Life gives you strange experiences, sometime it shocks you and sometimes it may surprise you. We end up making wrong judgments or mistakes in our anger, desperation and frustration. However, when you get a second chance, correct your mistakes and return the favor. Be Kind and Generous. Learn to Appreciate what you are given.

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