If She Loves You Truly And Deeply

If she loves you truly and deeply then she will be demanding, possessive and jealous but the bottom line is that she will love you endlessly with all she has and all she will want is your undivided time and attention. She won’t be happy to share you with anyone or anything in this world. You might ignore her but she will still give you all her attention. You might keep telling her that you are busy and you don’t have time to meet her but she will still keep making plans to spend most of her time with you. You might talk to her only when you are free from everything else but she will leave everything else in her life and talk to you. Your life might not change because of her but her life will start revolving around you. She may not become the center of your world but you will be the most important person in her life and you will be the center of her world. And then if you betray her and leave her shattered with a broken heart she will quietly move away from you and go back into her shell to protect her sensitive heart and soul from further damage. And then once she is able to deal with her heartbreak she will forgive you and move on. Women are blessed with compassionate, sensitive, tolerant and forgiving hearts. When they love they love completely and when they move on then they move on completely. Women have the greatest capacity to endure pain and then let go and move on…Aarti Khurana